Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute

Established in the Spring of 2012 with a generous gift from the Dedman Family Foundation.

This institute encompasses all the divisions within Dedman College: humanities, social sciences and sciences, which includes mathematics and statistics.
It also reaches out through its programs to the rest of the University and to the local community, creating a culture of interdisciplinary inquiry and bridging the physical sciences and the humanities, the liberal arts and the professional schools, and academia and the broader community.

The primary mission of the DCII is promote and enhance a collaborative and transformative interdisciplinary within Dedman College and the University, bringing students and scholars together to tackle problems and discover solutions by putting ideas into action.

Additional programs of the DCII are being supported with gifts from the Embrey Family Foundation and from Robert Mayer.  

The DCII sponsors many programs that are generously supported by endowments and individual funds. These programs foster academic progress and innovations created by various students at SMU.


Please click on each program for more details and information.

 Allman Family Lecture 

 Annual Fellows Seminars

 Director Visiting Scholar

 Godbey Lecture Series

 Graduate Fellowship Program

 Law and Statistics at SMU

 Scott Hawkins Lecture Fund

 Research Clusters

 Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

 Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows


 Caroline B. Brettell
Ruth Collins Altshuler Professor 
Heroy Hall 451


 Elizabeth G. Fielding
Hyer Hall 307A


 Faculty Advisory Board

 Rhonda Blair  Meadows School of the Arts 
 Katherine Canales  Lyle School of Engineering
 Denise DuPont  Department of World Languages
 Katherine Engel  Department of Religious Studies
 Matthew Hornbach  Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
 James Kang Hoon Lee  Perkins School of Theology
 Santanu Roy  Department of Economics
 Ulrike Schultze  Cox School of Business
 Stephen Sekula  Department of Physics 
 Matthew Wilson  Department of Political Science