Undergraduate Programs in Statistical Science

A dramatic increase in the number of people trained in statistics and data analysis is required to fill the ever-increasing data analysis needs of our society.  Consequently, professionals who can appropriately analyze and interpret data are in high demand. For students wanting to become proficient in the methods of statistics and data analysis, SMU offers a B.S. in Statistical Science and a Minor in Statistical Science.  


The Bachelor of Science in Statistical Science prepares students for careers in data analysis.  The degree also prepares students for advanced studies in statistical science, such as graduate work in the field or in a related discipline.  Because of its interdisciplinary nature and the degree to which data analysis is important to nearly all academic fields of study, Statistical Science is an exciting and valuable double major.  A 4+1 Option provides the opportunity for students with a B.S. in Statistical Science from SMU to obtain the Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics (MASDA) degree by completing one year of graduate study beyond the B.S.


A minor in statistical science is a valuable complement to majors in the natural or social sciences, engineering, or business. Students planning careers that involve the collection, processing, description, and/or the analysis of quantitative information will enhance their career opportunities with a minor in statistical science. A minor in statistical science requires at least 15 semester hours, including the specified hours in each of the following three categories.


It should be noted that the B.S. in Statistical Science requires two semesters of calculus while the Minor in Statistical Science has no calculus requirement.