Applied MS Program

MASDA 4+1 Option

4+1 Accelerated Master's Degree Program

Earn an M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics (MASDA) Degree in one year after obtaining your B.S. Degree

The M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics (MASDA) degree (which usually takes 2 years to complete) can be obtained in one year beyond graduation with a B.S. in Statistical Science at SMU.  This accelerated option is made possible by the fact that the courses STAT 5304: SAS, STAT 5371-72: Experimental Statistics, and STAT 5373-74: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, are required for both the B.S. and MASDA degrees.

The MASDA degree has the following course requirements:

  • The 5 courses listed above that are required for the B.S. degree
  • The courses
    − STAT 6304: Statistical Computing using R
    − STAT 6308: SAS II and Database Analysis
    − STAT 6366: Statistical Consulting
  •  36 hours of graduate-level coursework (5xxx level and above) of which at least 18 hours must be at the 6xxx level or above 

The following is an example schedule.  The classes are listed below in the semester (fall or spring) during which they are typically taught.  If STAT 6308 is not taken as an undergraduate, then the MASDA degree can still be obtained in one year by either taking a 5xxx level Statistical Science elective as an undergraduate or by taking four courses during the spring semester of graduate work.

Courses taken during the junior and senior years as a B.S. Major 
 STAT 5371 - Experimental Stat I  STAT 5372 - Experimental Stat II
 STAT 5373 - Math Stat I  STAT 5374 - Math Stat II 
 STAT 5304 - SAS  STAT 6308* - SAS II and Database

 *STAT 6308 can be taken by undergraduate students who have made a 
   grade of at least B in STAT 5304.


 Courses taken after earning the B.S. Degree
 STAT 6304 - Computing with R  STAT 6345 -Linear Regression
 STAT (ECO) 5385 - Data Mining   STAT 6366 - Statistical Consulting
 STAT 6xxx - Elective  STAT 6xxx - Elective