Undergraduate Program

Distinction Program in Psychology

This is a three-course (for a total of 6 credit hours) sequence of classes that can be taken in conjunction with research assistant hours (up to 3 credit hours/semester). Ideally, the sequence begins in the fall of students’ junior year. The goal is to provide highly motivated students with an intensive and high quality research experience that will help the student gain admission into a graduate program.

In the first semester, students will develop, under the guidance of a faculty member, their own research project. During the second semester students will collect the data.  The third semester will involve writing up the study as their capstone project in psychology and submitting it to conference and perhaps a journal. (In some cases, students do not need to take three semesters of the program.)

Grades will be given in these courses. Students in the Distinction Program will take these classes in addition to the regular requirements of the major.

Junior Year:
Fall -     Psyc 3291 – A two credit hour class that meets once/week.
Spring - Psyc 3192 – A one credit hour class that meets less than once/week.
Senior Year:
Fall -      Psyc 4393 – A three credit hour class that meets once/week.

Enrollment is limited to students with a 3.5 Psychology GPA
and those who find a faculty advisor for their project.