Master of Science Degree Requirements

Our Master of Science degree in computational and applied mathematics requires 11 courses, including at least six courses at the 6000 level (at least four of these to be taken in the Department of Mathematics). Candidates must complete two courses in computational mathematics (Math 5315 and 6316) and two courses in differential equations and their applications (Math 5334 and 6324). These 11 courses can be completed within two academic years by taking the normal load of three courses per term.

During the first two years, both Master's and Ph.D. degree candidates take mostly the same coursework. These courses prepare students for industrial employment, doctoral work in our department, or further graduate work in a variety of disciplines. These years foster student-faculty interaction and allow students to assess their academic abilities and interests.

Students who do exemplary work in these course are encouraged to join the Ph.D. program and are given financial aid to take an additional year of coursework to prepare for a Ph.D. qualifying examination.