Financial Support

The Department of Mathematics offers a substantial award package in the form of Teaching Assistant positions to highly-qualified students. The typical stipend is $17,000-19,500 per academic year, and all graduate tuition and fees are waived. Selecting the recipients for these positions is a competitive process.

Teaching assistant responsibilities require no more than 12 hours per week. Regular faculty members lecture in undergraduate-level courses in precalculus, business calculus, and finite mathematics, held two to three times per week in sections with 60-100 students. Teaching assistants normally assist a professor in one of these sections and work in the help sessions. Occasionally, experienced teaching assistants who intend to pursue a teaching career are given full responsibility for teaching a course, typically a small section of precalculus.

This relatively light teaching load compares favorably with that of many other institutions. Because of their lighter teaching load, SMU teaching assistants often can obtain their graduate degrees comparatively quickly.