Faculty Research Summaries

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Alejandro Aceves
Professor (Ph.D. 1988, University of Arizona)
Nonlinear wave phenomena, perturbation, multi-scale and numerical methods applied to nonlinear optics and photonics, soliton dynamics.

Vladimir S. Ajaev
Professor (Ph.D. 1999, Northwestern University)
Asymptotic and perturbation methods with applications to fluid dynamics and materials science. Boundary-integral methods for systems with phase transformations.

Andrea K. Barreiro
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 2006, New York University) Mathematical and computational neuroscience, including the study of dynamical, information theoretic and computational properties of neural networks; fluid dynamics.

Thomas W. Carr
Associate Professor (Ph.D. 1993, Northwestern University)
Asymptotic & perturbation methods, bifurcation theory and dynamical systems theory, applied to coupled oscillators, lasers instabilities and epidemiology.

Weihua Geng
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 2008, Michigan State University)
Numerical methods for partial differential equations and integral equations; mathematical modeling of structural biology; fast algorithms for N-body problems.

Ian Gladwell
Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. 1970, University of Manchester)
Mathematical software, numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations (initial and boundary value problems), parallel computation, quadrature. Editor of IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices, Computing Reviews.

Rich Haberman
Professor (Ph.D. 1971, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Nonlinear phenomena (shock and dispersive waves, solitons, dynamical systems), asymptotic and perturbation methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, chaotic interactions of nonlinear waves in fiber optics.

Thomas Hagstrom
Professor (Ph.D. 1983, California Institute of Technology)
Numerical analysis and scientific computing, wave propagation, compressible flows.

Barry Lee
Associate Professor (Ph.D. 1996, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Numerical partial differential equations and integral equations, computational linear algebra, scientific computing (scalable solvers and applications), multigrid methods, uncertainty quantification.

Mogens Melander
Associate Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. 1983, Technical University of Denmark)
Mathematical modeling, scientific computation, fluid dynamics, vortex dynamics.

Peter Moore
Professor (Ph.D. 1989, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Numerical Analysis (adaptive methods for parabolic systems), Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling (pattern formation).

Scott Norris
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 2006, Northwestern University)
Multi-scale modelling and analysis of continuum equations with applications to nano-scale textured surfaces in materials science. Special focus on the effect of boundary conditions at free surfaces. Techniques include viscous and viscoelastic continuum analysis, thin-film analysis, asymptotic theory, and basic numerical solutions of PDEs.

Doug Reinelt
Professor (Ph.D. 1983, California Institute of Technology)
Scientific computation and perturbation analysis of free surface fluid problems including fluid dynamics of bubbles and thin films, coating flows, and foam rheology.

Daniel Reynolds
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 2003, Rice University)
Applied Mathematics pertaining to Scientific Computation (large scale parallel, multi-physics, nonlinear, PDE systems) and Numerical Analysis (constrained evolution systems, iterative linear and nonlinear solvers, optimization). Application areas include plasma physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and materials science.

Benno Rumpf
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 1998, TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Nonlinear waves, statistical mechanics, wave turbulence, numerical methods.

Lawrence Shampine
Professor Emeritus
(Ph.D. 1964, California Institute of Technology)
Numerical analysis and computation (ordinary differential equations and mathematical software).

Brandilyn Stigler
Assistant Professor (Ph.D. 2005, Virginia Tech University)
Mathematical biology, computational algebra (Groebner bases), gene regulatory networks.

Johannes Tausch
Professor (Ph.D. 1995, Colorado State University)
Numerical approximation and fast methods for boundary integral equations, with applications to computational electromagnetics, optics, and fluid mechanics.

Sheng Xu
Associate Professor (Ph.D. 2002, Cornell University)
Computational techniques for problems in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, including biological flows, supersonic and hypersonic turbulence, flow control, and fluid dynamics of nature's flyers and swimmers.

Yunkai Zhou
Associate Professor (Ph.D. 2002, Rice University)
Numerical linear algebra and applications, scientific computing, computational material science.