Department of Biological Sciences

Positions Available

Professor in Systems Biology

The Department of Biological Sciences at SMU seeks to develop an emphasis in Systems Biology as we hire a group of new faculty members over the next few years.  We will be filling an endowed position for a senior faculty member in the near future.  This position was generously funded by the Prothro family, and the endowment includes funds for research.  We also expect to have 4 additional hires of junior faculty due to retirements in the next two years.  This represents a tremendous opportunity to develop in exciting new directions.

Currently the Department includes nine tenured or tenure-track faculty members, two research professors, and two lecturers.  It is expected that the tenured and tenure-track faculty will increase by 3-4 in the near future.  The relatively small size of the faculty allows several areas of emphasis to exist.  Current research areas in the department include studies of aging, oxidative stress, immunity, regulation of life span and modeling type 2 diabetes (Orr, Radyuk, Bauer),  epigenetic gene regulation by Polycomb-group proteins (Jones), molecular biology of human retroviruses, and mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis (Harrod), structure and function of membrane proteins, nucleotide-binding proteins, and modeling and simulation of transporters (Vik, Vogel, and Wise).

In the future, we anticipate that collaborative projects will develop between members of this department and several other departments on campus.  Several joint projects are already underway. Related initiatives also exist in several other departments.  These are highlighted below:

The Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery (CD4) at Southern Methodist University's Dedman College of the Humanities and Sciences is a recently organized group of 16 researchers from the Departments of Chemistry and Biological Sciences.  The mission of the Center is to potentiate the development of new therapeutics, their delivery methods as well as the translation of these new therapeutics to clinical studies. Several collaborative project are underway. (

The Center for Scientific Computation at Southern Methodist University was formed to stimulate interdisciplinary education and research in simulation-based engineering and science. Computer simulation has become an essential component of research in most disciplines in engineering and science, and advances in computing, networking, and data storage technologies will continue to accelerate this trend. Goals of the Center include the formation of interdisciplinary research teams that address problems using high-performance computing algorithms, software, and hardware. High-performance computing facilities are in place and continue to be expanded. (