Research by Region

North America

Mike Adler (Puebloan Southwest Village Aggregation) Taos, NM
Caroline Brettell (Indian Migrant Civic Engagement) Dallas, TX
Sunday Eiselt (Ceramics, Historical Archaeology) Taos, NM
Jessica Lott (Reproductive Healthcare Choices) Dallas, TX
David J. Meltzer (Antiquity, Adaptations of First Americans) North America
Nia Parson (Domestic Violence and Mental Health) Dallas, TX
Christopher Roos (Fire-Climate-Society Nexus) United States
Carolyn Smith-Morris (Diabetes) United States
Ronald Wetherington (Historical Archaeology and Pedagogy) American Southwest

Middle America and the Caribbean

Michael Callaghan (Ceramic Analysis, Household Archaeology) Guatemala
Keith Eppich (Mesoamerican Ceramics and Architecture) Guatemala
Robert Van Kemper (Migration and Social Change) Tzintzuntzan, Mexico
Brigitte Kovacevich (Lithic Analysis, Household Archaeology) Guatemala

South America

Amanda Aland (Chimu and Inca Imperialism) Peru
Carina Heckert (Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS) Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Nia Parson (Domestic Violence and Mental Health) Santiago, Chile
David Wilson (Settlement Patterns and State Development) Peru

Sub-Saharan Africa

Jack Shoemaker (Ma'di Naming Practices) Uganda

Southeast Asia

Ben J. Wallace (Deforestation in Southeast Asia) Phillippines

Australia and Oceania

Laura Jarvis (Rural Youth Identity) French Polynesia
Victoria S. Lockwood (Gender Relations and Domestic Violence) French Polynesia