Welcome to the University Honors Program, the heart of SMU's intellectual community!

March 2016 Student Spotlight: Dana Sherman


The University Honors Program open to students of all majors, is at the heart of SMU’s intellectual community. Students are prepared for the future through a program that centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences.

Honors students enjoy intellectual challenges from dedicated University faculty in small classes (of 15 to 20 students whenever possible) that place a premium on in-class conversations and faculty-student interaction. The Honors curriculum encourages students to explore their individual interests through special research projects and interdisciplinary studies—on campus in Dallas, at SMU-in-Taos (New Mexico) and elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

Honors students take the same number of classes that non-Honors students take, but do so in an environment that encourages greater individual learning and achievement.  The Program extends beyond the work in the classroom to the development of a community of scholars—students and faculty—who relish the challenge and adventure of the life of the mind. In so doing, the University Honors Program serves as the intellectual heart of SMU, broadens students’ perspectives, and raises the level of discourse across campus.

SMU’s Honors students are active and visible in all facets of University life. In short, the University Honors Program expands and enriches the undergraduate possibilities and horizons.

UHP Events

SMU Common Reading: Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption (2014)

All SMU first years are asked to read the Stevenson book over the summer, and participate in campus-wide discussions held in each Residential Commons on Sunday 21 August (the day before fall classes).  We are looking for upper class Honors students to participate!  Upper class students will not necessarily be discussion leaders, but role models for the first year students.  Email Dr. Doyle to participate, and to receive a free copy of the book!

Special Honors Optional Common Reading: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me (2015)

While we are not able to purchase a copy of the book for you, we will host a dinner and discussion in early September. We encourage you to read the book over the summer—it is an amazing commentary on American society, race relations, and economic disparity. A beautifully written and profound book.

Email Dr. Doyle to reserve your space at the dinner!

New UHP Alumni Network

If you are an alum of the SMU UHP and would like to learn more about our new Alumni Network, please email Susan Harris (sharris@smu.edu) 

Al & Sayde Gartner Honors Lecture Series