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Pre-Orientation Student Bio Sheets


Incoming First-Year Students: After you register for Orienation (AARO), you will be assigned a pre-major academic advisor. Please click the link on your assigned advisor's name below to fill out your Pre-Orientation Student Bio Sheet. (Pre-engineering students: you will not fill out a Student Bio Sheet.)

Incoming Transfer Students: You will not be assigned a specific academic advisor until AARO. Please follow the link below "Transfer Students" to fill out your Pre-Orientation Transfer Student Bio Sheet.

Please return in May for direct links to the 2017 Student Bio Sheets for your advisor.

Scott Bartlett

Josh Beaty

Maria Crouch

Sara Dammann

Susan Harris (University Honors Program)

Janet Hopkins

Beth McConville

Sheumona Miller

Ebonii Nelson (Rotunda Scholars)

Tim Norris (Admitted Meadows Art, Dance, Film, Music, and Theatre)

Dee O'Banner

Jeanene Renfro

Daphne Shipowitz

Transfer Students

If you do not remember your assigned advisor's name, you may view it on your Student Center on (see picture below)