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Dedman Records and Academic Services

Dedman Records and Academic Services

Dedman Records and Academic Services (DRAS) is the office responsible for Dedman College policy and procedures, petitions, major/minor changes, and graduation certification.

Our office is located in 134 Clements Hall.
Office and appointment hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are closed 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

Our contact information is:
PO Box 750372
Dallas, TX 75275-0372
214-768-2298 phone
214-768-2207 fax

Your Dedman College degree will be certified by your degree counselor at the Dedman Records and Academic Services office in 134 Clements Hall.

To find your degree counselor, use the first letter of your last name:

A-G: Jose De Haro

H-O: Kenneth Cedeno

P-Z:  Lisa Miller

Graduation Deadlines

You can still apply for Fall 2016 graduation--do it now if you are completing all requirements!  Any delay could result in your information not being listed correctly in the Commencment Program.

You will need to have registered for your last semester of coursework at SMU before you may apply.

Please visit the "Home" tab to see hours of operation, then call 214-768-2298 to schedule an appointment with your degree counselor.

Fall Term 2016

August 22, Monday: First day of classes.

August 22, Friday: Last day to enroll, add courses or drop courses without grade record. Last day to file for Fall graduation.

September 5, Monday: Labor Day Holiday .

September 7, Wednesday: Last day to declare pass/fail.

October 10--11, Monday and Tuesday: Fall Break.

November 4, Friday: Last day to drop a course with a grade of W.

November 22, Tuesday: Last day to withdraw from the University.

November 23--25, Wednesday to Friday: Thanksgiving Break.

December 5, Monday: Last day of Fall 2016 regular semester classes

December 17, Saturday: Commencement convocation. Official close of term and conferral of degrees.

Jan Term 2017

January 9, Monday: First day of classes

January 10, Tuesday: Last day to declare pass/fail.

January 16, Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Holiday

January 18, Wednesday: Last day to drop/withdraw from the university.

January 19, Thursday: Last day of classes, including examinations. Official close of term and conferral of degrees.

Looking for an opportunity to earn academic credit and get real-world experience?  Try an internship!  Many Dedman departments offer internships for academic credit.

The process for obtaining an internship for academic credit is:

  1. Identify an internship in your major/minor or as free-elective credit.

  2. Work with your academic advisor or major/minor instructor and internship supervisor to complete the Internship Learning Contract as well as the Release of Liability waiver. 

  3. Enroll in the appropriate course for the number of academic credits (1 credit per 120 hours of internship).

  4. Participate in the internship.

  5. Complete the student evaluation, submit the completed instructor and supervisor evaluation, and receive your grade.

More information regarding internships can be found by contacting Lisa Miller and by visiting the Internship webpage.

Change of Degree Requirements

  • For the purposes of:
    • Force-matching or substituting a course for a requirement
    • Waiving a particular requirement

Course-Based Proficiency Request (UC Only)

Graduation Walk Petition--PRIOR TO or AFTER the completion of degree requirements

  • Prior to:
    • For the purpose of petitioning to participate in the May or December graduation ceremonies even though all degree requirements have not been fulfilled
  • After:
    • For the purpose of petitioning to return to participate in the May or December graduation ceremonies after being certified for graduation

Individual Petition for Substitution/Exemption from GEC Requirements

  • For the purpose of petitioning for a substitution/exemption from a particular GEC requirement
  • Note: Do not use this form for CF courses

Non-Course-Based Proficiency Request (UC Only)

Petition for Formal Exemption from GEC Requirements

  • For the purpose of petitioning for a formal exemption from GEC requirements (perspectives, CF's, or both)
  • Note: Only available to particular groups of students; please see the form for more information

Student Enrollment Request Form

  • For the purpose of seeking approval to enroll in 18+ hours in a single semester

Student Major/Minor Declaration/Change Form

  • For the purposes of:
    • Declaring a new major or minor
    • Changing an existing major or minor
    • Deleting a major or minor
  • Note A: A minor cannot be declared until a major has been declared. Do not use when declaring your first major at the university. Please go to the UAC in Blanton 408 to declare your first major.
  • Note B: Some major/minor declarations require signatures by the department. Please check with the major/minor advisor or Dedman Records. 

Student Petition for Re-Evaluation of Transfer Work

  • For the purpose of having transfer work re-evaluated for credit if the work was not originally accepted at SMU or if the student wants to change what the work transferred in as

UC DPR Update Request

  • Use this only if you have taken or are currently taking a class that has been approved to satisfy a UC requirement and it is not showing up on your DPR as fulfilling that requirement
  • Instructions on how to fill out the form

Undergraduate Pass/Fail Option Declaration

  • For the purpose of declaring a course as pass/fail instead of a letter grade
  • Note: Pass/fail courses, in most cases, cannot count for major, minor, or GEC requirements. Only one pass/fail course may be taken during the semester. Students may take a max of 12 units pass/fail in their academic career.

Undergraduate Petition for Advance Approval of Transfer Work--GEC or UC

  • For the purpose of students who wish to take post-matriculation transfer work






Jay Orenduff came to SMU in 2011 after fifteen years at Columbia University (as a graduate student, residence life director, and academic advising dean). As a native Texan, he was very happy to return home.

Contact information:


Degree Counselors:

Student's with last name beginning A-G:


José De Haro has a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in Spanish and an M.A. in Dispute Resolution from the Simmons School of Education & Human Development at Southern Methodist University. Jose enjoys watching college athletics, photography, and exploring new cities.

Contact Information:


Student's with last name beginning H-O





Kenneth Cedeno is a graduate from Dedman College in Anthropology and a current student in the Dedman School of Law.

Contact information:


Student's with last name beginning P-Z





Lisa Miller has a master’s degree in history from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and also teaches history at Collin College. She enjoys traveling, Broadway shows, music from the ‘70’s, and Marvel Superheroes.

Contact information:



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