Faculty and Staff


This list of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty and staff members may be viewed either alphabetically or by department.

Kamata, Akihito     akamata@smu.edu       214-768-7708 Website


Kazez, Jean    

Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Arizona

Research Interests: Ethics, Animal Rights, Mind and Language
Kehoe, Robert           214-768-1793 Website


Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Research Interests: High Energy Physics, Top Quark, Higgs Boson, Supernovae, Dark Energy, Short Timescale Variable Stars
Keller, Matthew R.           214-768-3583 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of California - Davis

Research Interests: Political Sociology, Economic Social Innovation, Comparative Sociology, Historical Sociology
Kim, Seungil           214-768-1779 Website

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas A & M University

Kincaid, Martine           214-768-1236 Website


Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Research Interests: French, French Culture, French Literature, 20th Century French Literature, Contemporary Literature
Knight, Harold A.           214-768-2612 Website


Ph.D., University of Iowa

Knock, Thomas J.           214-768-2972 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University

Research Interests: Foreign Relations, 20th Century United States, Film, Popular Culture
Kobylka, Joseph F.           214-768-2525 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Constitutional Law, Politics, Judicial Decision Making, American Political Thought, Supreme Court
Koenig, Evan     Website
Adjunct Professor

Harvard University

Konkel, Kim     kkonkel@mail.smu.edu       (214) 768-2081 Website

Director of Recruiting and Communications

B.A., Rollins College

Kormilitsina, Anna           214-768-3736 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Duke University

Koski, Linda           214-768-2746 Website


Ph.D., Stanford University

Kouros, Chrystyna     ckouros@smu.edu       214-768-2655 Website

Assistant Professor 

Kovacevich, Brigitte     kovacevich@smu.edu       214-768-3542 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Research Interests: Archaeology of Meso America
Kraka, Elfi           214-768-1609 Website

Professor and Chair

Doctor rerum naturalis, University of Köln

Kranz, Janice     janice@mail.smu.edu       214-768-2649

Assistant Financial Officer

Kubacki, Ray           214-768-2747 Website
Engineer Geophysics
Kumar, Anil           214-768-4735 Website
Adjunct Professor
Kunovich, Sheri           214-768-1285 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Ohio State University

Research Interests: Women's Political Representation, Democratization in Eastern Europe, Wealth and Consumption, Social Stratification and Inequality