Faculty and Staff


This list of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty and staff members may be viewed either alphabetically or by department.

Garland, Debbie     dgarland@smu.edu       214-768-1406

Administrative Assistant

Gattens, Marie-Luise     mgaetten@smu.edu       214-768-1406 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests: German
Gibson, Lee     lgibson@smu.edu       214-768-4253

Writing Center Coordinator

Golden, Paul     pgolden@smu.edu       214-768-2757

Director of Geophysics Lab


Gollop, Soraya     sgollop@smu.edu       214-768-2120 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, Rational Choice
Gonzalez-Boles, Cristina     cgboles@mail.smu.edu

Texas A&M University

Research Interests: Spanish
Goyne, Jo     jgoyne@smu.edu       214-768-2388 Website

Senior Lecturer

M.A., Southern Methodist University

Greenspan, Ezra     egreensp@smu.edu       214-768-2946 Website

Professor, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities

Ph.D., Brown University

Research Interests: 20th Century American Literature, 19th Century United States
Gregory, Robert T.     bgregory@smu.edu       214-768-3075 Website


Department Chair

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Geochemistry
Grumbles, Diana     dgrumble@smu.edu

Senior Lecturer

M.A., Southern Methodist University

Guelker, Brooke     bguelker@smu.edu       214-768-2168

Assistant to the Dean

M.A., Southern Methodist University

Guevara, Julian     jguevara@smu.edu       214-768-2250

Assistant to Associate Dean for General Education


Gui, Peggy P.     pgui@lyle.smu.edu        214-768-1733 Website

Professor; Joint Appointment with Engineering

Ph.D. University of Delaware

Gunst, Richard F.     rgunst@smu.edu       214-768-2466


Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

Research Interests: Regression Analysis, Linear Models, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Methods