Faculty and Staff


This list of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty and staff members may be viewed either alphabetically or by department.

Faculty and Staff Within Psychology

Baldwin, Austin S.     baldwin@smu.edu       214-768-1027 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Social Cognition, Health Intervention, Behavioral Decision-Making
Beadling, Ashley     abeadling@smu.edu       214-768-4877

Clinical Research Specialist

Brown, Alan S.     abrown@smu.edu       214-768-3420 Website

Department of Psychology, Professor

Department of Sociology, Department Chair

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Déjà Vu, Tip of the Tongue, Relationship Violence
Calvert, James     jcalvert@smu.edu       214-768-3519 Website
Visiting Lecturer 

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Conner, Ann     aconner@smu.edu       214-768-4924

Administrative Assistant

LaGrange College

Crow, Michael     214-768-4768 Website


Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

Ebaugh, Emily     eebaugh@smu.edu       214-768-4994

Clinical Research Specialist

Frierson, Georita Marie     frierson@smu.edu       214-768-4638 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Ohio State University

Research Interests: Cancer Prevention, Survivorship, Incidence and Recurrence Rates
Hampson, Robert B.     rhampson@smu.edu       214-768-2734 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Research Interests: Family Assessment, Family Functioning, Therapy Effectiveness, Interventions, Beaver Systems Model, Couple and Family Therapy, Obese Adolescents, Special Needs Families
Holden, George W.     gholden@smu.edu       214-768-4696 Website


Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests: Family Violence, Family Functioning, Parent/Child Relationships, Parental Social Cognition, Parental Attitudes, Physical Punishment, Parental Behavior
Hornstein, Susan L.     susanh@smu.edu       214-768-2161 Website


Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

Jouriles, Ernest N.     ejourile@smu.edu       214-768-2438 Website

Professor and Chair

Ph.D., State University of New York, Stony Brook

Research Interests: Marital Conflict, Interventions, Family Violence, Interparent Violence, Relationship Violence
Levy, Nicole     nlevy@smu.edu       214-768-4125 Website

Research Associate, Family Research Center

Logan, Chris R.     chrisl@smu.edu       214-768-4385 Website


Ph.D., Texas Tech University

McDonald, Renee     rmcdonal@smu.edu       (214) 768-1128 Website

Ph.D., University of Houston

Research Interests: Child Adjustment Problems, Antisocial Behavior, Family Conflict, Family Violence, Interventions, Interparent Conflict, Aggression
Meuret, Alicia E.     ameuret@smu.edu       214-768-3422 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Hamburg

Research Interests: Disorder Specific Mechanisms, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Novel Interventions, Psychotherapy, Interventions, Differential Symptom Production
Powers, Mark     mbpowers@smu.edu       214-768-1787

Research Assistant Professor

Reyes, Michelle     mnreyes@smu.edu       214-768-2188

Clinical Research Specialist

Ritz, Thomas     tritz@smu.edu       214-768-3724 Website


Dr.Phil., University of Hamburg

Research Interests: Chronic Respiratory Disease, Psychophysiology, Psychoimmunology, Pathopsychology, Anxiety Disorders, Asthma, Interventions
Rosenfield, David     drosenfi@smu.edu       214-768-1135 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas

Research Interests: Statistical Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Structural Equation Modeling, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Statistical Methods, Interventions
Simpson, Lorelei E.     lsimpson@smu.edu       214-768-2395 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles

Research Interests: Relationship Aggression, Couples Therapy, Bipolar Disorder, Risk Factors, Life Stress, Mental Illness, Relationship Functioning, Conjoint Treatment, Relationship Distress, Interventions
Smits, Jasper     jsmits@smu.edu       214-768-4125 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests: Anxiety Disorders, Health, Health Behavior Change, Novel Treatment, Augmentation Strategies, Efficacy of Interventions
Soutter, Cathey     csoutter@smu.edu       214-768-4795

Southern Methodist University

Stillman, Tabari     tstillman@smu.edu       214-768-4896

Research Associate I

Walker, Rachel     walkerr@smu.edu       214-768-4877

Research Associate I

Westfall, Mary     westfall@smu.edu       214-768-2438

Assistant to Chair