Faculty and Staff


This list of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty and staff members may be viewed either alphabetically or by department.

Faculty and Staff Within Biological Sciences

Batista, Bianca     bbatista@smu.edu       214-768-4069 Website

Professor of Practice

Ph.D., University of Texas

Buchanan, Christine E.           214-768-2848


Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research Interests: , Bacterial Sporulation, Antibiotic Resistance
D'Mello, Santosh     sdmello@smu.edu       214-768-4095 Website

Professor and Chair

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Harrod, Carolyn           214-768-1658 Website

Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor

Harrod, Robert L.           214-768-3864 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Maryland

Research Interests: Human Retroviruses, Viral Carcinogenesis, Tumor Biology, Transcriptional Gene Regulation
Jones, Richard S.           214-768-3810 Website


Ph.D., Wesleyan University-Middleton

Research Interests: Chromatin Modifying Enzymes, Transcriptional Gene Regulation
Oberdorster, Eva           214-768-1241 Website

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D., Duke University

Research Interests: Toxicology
Orr, William C.           214-768-4018 Website


Ph.D., Wayne State University

Radyuk, Svetlana           214-768-2892 Website


P.hD. Research Institute for Applied Microbiology

Ruben, Lawrence S.           214-768-2321


Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Strecker, Teresa           214-768-1784 Website


Vik, Steven B.           214-768-4228 Website

Department Chair, Professor, Advisor for Undergraduate Studies, 

Ph.D., University of Oregon

Research Interests:
Vogel, Pia D.           214-768-1790 Website


Ph.D., Universitat Kaiserslautern

Wise, John G.           214-768-3426 Website
Associate Professor 


Ph.D., University of Rochester