Jeremy Adams


Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor


Ph.D., Harvard University
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Research/Teaching Interests

Medieval Europe

Selected Publications

• The "Populus" of Augustine and Jerome: A Study in the Patrisic Sense of Community , New Haven (Yale University Press
• Condemned To Repeat It, with Wick Allison and Gavin Hambly , New York: Viking
• Joan of Arc, a translation and revision (w. Introduction, etc) of Regine Pernoud and M.-V. Clin, Jeanne d'Arc , Paris: Fayard
• Patterns of Medieval Society , Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (Prentice-Hall)
• Multicultural New Orleans , Lafayette: University of Louisiana
• Asst Editor and contributor to Bonnie Wheeler, The Black Book: History and Recollections of the 3400 Block of University Boulevard , Dallas: Scriptorium

Distinctions, Grants and Honors