Faculty and Staff


This list of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty and staff members may be viewed either alphabetically or by department.

Aaron, Gwendoline     gaaron@smu.edu       214-768-3989 Website


Licen., Universite de Liege

Research Interests: French, Language Education,
Aceves, Alejandro B.     aaceves@smu.edu       214-768-4907 Website


Ph.D., University of Arizona

Research Interests: Nonlinear Optics, Nonlinear Wave Propagation
Adams, Andrea E.     aadams@smu.edu       214-768-4075 Website

Senior Lecturer

M.S. Southern Methodist University

Adams, Jeremy     jadams@smu.edu       214-768-2969 Website


Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor

Ph.D., Harvard University

Research Interests: Medieval Europe
Adler, Michael     madler@smu.edu       214-768-2940 Website

Associate Professor, Director of SMU in Taos

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interests: Archaeology, Community Organization, Southwest United States, Land Tenure, Resources Access, Computer Applications, Regional Settlement Systems
Ajaev, Vladimir S.     ajaev@smu.edu       214-768-3629 Website

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Instabilities, Boundary Integral Methods, Micro-Channels
Alvarez, Brandy Lynn     balvarez@smu.edu       214-768-1892


M.A., Yale University

Research Interests: Italian
Anderson, David     davida@smu.edu       214-768-4290 Website

Senior Systems Analyst & Director, Geophysical Imaging Laboratory

Arbery, Joan     jarbery@smu.edu       214-768-2463
Visiting Lecturer 

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Notre Dame

Ards, Angela     aards@smu.edu       214-768-9197 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University

Research Interests: 20th Century American Literature, African American Literature
Ates, Sabri     sates@smu.edu       214-768-2968 Website

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., New York University

Research Interests: Borderlands, Iran, Middle East, Ottoman
Amsel, Stephanie     samsel@smu.edu       (214) 768-2835 Website

Lecturer in English

BBA, University of Texas at Austin; MA and PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio