Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows

The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute is pleased to announce the following Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for the 2014-2015 Academic Year


Katelyn Gough

“The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan”
Mentors: Jim Hollifield, Political Science and Caroline Brettell, Anthropology

Mehdi Hami

“The Hidden Cost of French Healthcare on Taxpayers” 
Mentors: Chelsea Brown, Political Science and Paola Buckley, French

Kyle Nakatsuka

"A Bioinformatics Approach to Understanding Aging Mechanisms” 
Mentors: Sveta Radyuk, Biology and Michael Hahsler, EMIS

Eva Pollitt

“Contemporary Russian Theatre in Sociopolitical Context” 
Mentors: Gretchen Smith, Theater and Tatiana Zimakova, World Languages

Christopher Roig

“Modulational Instability and Energy Transfer by Radiance and Turbulence” 
Mentors: Benho Rumpf, Mathematics and Kent Hornbostel, Physics