Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows

Each academic year, DCII sponsors six undergraduate Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows. These students have a double major or a major and minor(s), and at least one of these majors/minors must be in Dedman College. With two faculty mentors, each Mayer Fellow conducts a substantial research project that combines and integrates the perspectives of his/her major(s)/minor(s). Mayer Fellows have access to funds to use for research travel or for other expenses related to the development and completion of their research project. Each Mayer Fellow is required to produce a substantial research paper and to present his/her findings in a public forum to which all fellows, faculty mentors and other members of the SMU community are invited.

The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute is pleased to announce the following Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Hope Anderson

Humanitarian Power in Displaced Communities: Non Governmental Organizations and Forced Migration
Mentors: Brad Klein, Human Rights and Alicia Schortgen (Sociology)

Kayla Graves

A Compartative Study of Declining Steel Towns
Mentors: Lucas Kirkpatrick, Sociology and Erin Hochman, History

Antony Jacob Jeffries

Enhancing the U.S.-Mexico Renewable Electricity Trade
Mentors: Victoria Farrar-Myers, Poly science and Thomas Osang, Economics

Arya McCarthy

Coming Together, Mathematically: Dynamical Models for Increased Uniformity and Polarization in American Politics
Mentors: Scott Morris, Mathematics and Matthew Wilson, Poly science 

John Barron Wiener

History, Evolution and the Implications of the Chattanooga Bible Course (1922-Present)
Mentors:Mark Chancey, Religious Studies and Kate Engel, History

Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Elizabeth Anne Black

Exploring the Protective Role of Ethnic Identity on Body Image Disturbance: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Latina's Interactions with Diverse Media Models 
Mentors: Austin Baldwin, Psychology and Nia Parson, Anthropology

Sorsha Huff

Born this Way: The Social Realities and Legal Implications of being LGBT in Lima, Peru
Mentors: Rick Halperin, Human Rights and Nia Parson, Anthropology

Nicholas Alfred Riley

Research into the Affects of Alba Emoting on Hormone Levels
Mentors: Anne Schilling, Theater and Brian Zoltowski, Chemistry

Brandon Roselius

External Pressure on Iran: Why Iran Signed the Algiers Treaty
Mentors: Sabri Ates, History and Sheri Kunovich, Sociology

Emily Rose Tribble

Retiring the Paddle: Interviewing Texas School Administrators on Corporal Punishment
Mentors: George Holden, Psychology and Neely Myers, Anthropology

Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Katelyn Gough

The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan
Mentors: Jim Hollifield, Political Science and Caroline Brettell, Anthropology

Mehdi Hami

The Hidden Cost of French Healthcare on Taxpayers 
Mentors: Chelsea Brown, Political Science and Paola Buckley, French

Kyle Nakatsuka

A Bioinformatics Approach to Understanding Aging Mechanisms 
Mentors: Sveta Radyuk, Biology and Michael Hahsler, EMIS

Eva Pollitt

Contemporary Russian Theatre in Sociopolitical Context
Mentors: Gretchen Smith, Theater and Tatiana Zimakova, World Languages

Christopher Roig

Modulational Instability and Energy Transfer by Radiance and Turbulence
Mentors: Benho Rumpf, Mathematics and Kent Hornbostel, Physics

Matthew Smoldt

The Transculturation of Business Culture
Mentors: Olga Colbert, World Languages and Stacey Jacobsen, Finance 


Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for the 2014-2015 Academic Year