Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows

  • Each academic year, DCII sponsors six Undergraduate Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows.
  • These students have a double major or a major and minor(s), and at least one of these majors/minors must be in Dedman College.
  • With two faculty mentors, each Mayer Fellow conducts a substantial research project that combines and integrates the perspectives of his/her major(s)/minor(s).
  • Mayer Fellows have access to funds to use for research travel or for other expenses related to the development and completion of their research project.
  • Each Mayer Fellow is required to produce a substantial research paper and to present his/her findings in a public forum to which all fellows, faculty mentors and other members of the SMU community are invited.


Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows for AY 2016-2017

Mentors: Brad Klein, Human Rights and Alicia Schortgen, Sociology
Humanitarian Power in Displaced Communities: 
Non Governmental Organizations and Forced Migration

Mentors: Lucas Kirkpatrick, Sociology and Erin Hochman,History
A Compartative Study of Declining Steel Town 

Mentors: Victoria Farrar-Myers, Poly science and Thomas Osang, Economics
Enhancing the U.S.-Mexico Renewable Electricity Trade

Mentors: Scott Morris, Mathematics and Matthew Wilson, Poly Science
Coming Together, Mathematically:
Dynamical Models for Increased Uniformity and Polarization in American Politics

Mentors:Mark Chancey, Religious Studies and Kate Engel, History
History, Evolution and the Implications of the Chattanooga Bible Course (1922-Present)

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