Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Established to provide opportunities to Dedman College undergraduates for hands-on research, Jack and Jane Hamilton founded the Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program in 2008. Devoted to the legacy of their parents, Diane Buford ('71) and Dan Hamilton ('79) continue the program to this day. The Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program enables Dedman College's most promising students to collaborate with top faculty researchers and contribute to the creation of knowledge in significant and meaningful ways.

Students in this program work closely with a member of the Dedman College Faculty (in the sciences, social sciences, or humnanities) on valuable, cutting edge projects that advance knowledge. Faculty/student teams carry out primary research for one semester or up to one year.

Each faculty/student team submits a competitive proposal for the project to the Program Director in response to a call for proposals that goes out in August of each academic year. A small number of Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards are also made for the summer with a request for applications going out in late April. Awards are up to $3000/semester with matching funds available from the University Undergraduate Research Program. Hamilton Scholars have successfully delivered papers on their research at professional meetings or submitted their work to professional journals. Hamilton Scholars are also recognized at the University Honors Convocation.

Students who are interested in this program should speak to a faculty member with whom they are interested in working. Faculty members who are interested in this program should identify a student interested in participating. For further information, contact Caroline B. Brettell, Director, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute (; 214-768-4254).

List of Hamilton Scholars, Summer 2013 and Academic Year 2013-2014

Summer 2013 only

Christina Lollar (Mentor: Alexander Lippert, Chemistry) “Sulfur Ylide Acylation/Oxidation for the Synthesis of Benzyl Derivatives”

Travis Covert (Mentor: Pavel Nadolsky, Physics) “Reconstruction of Multi-dimensional Ellipsoids from Discrete Data”

Arnaud Zimmern (Mentor: Brandilyn Stigler, Mathematics) “Braiding Red Riding Hood: towards a computational tool for comparative literary studies”

Academic Year 2013-14

Division Two

Kandi Doming (Mentor: Sunday Eiselt, Anthropology) “Social Complexity and Ceramic Production in the Hohokam Core of Central Arizona” (also funded summer 2013; Fall 2013 only)

Mathilde (Beryl) Hellinghausen (Mentor: Karen Lupo, Anthropology) “A Taphonomic Analysis of Bedouin Encampment”

Kelli Sargent (Mentor: Chrystyna Kouros, Psychology) “ Family Environment and Children’s Mental Health (also funded summer 2013)

Anne-Sophie Simard (Mentor: Thomas Ritz, Psychology) “Student Sexual Victimization; Stress Effects on Salivary Immune Markers”

Sean Potter (Mentor; Michael Chmielewski, Psychology) “Measurement Error in personality Assessments” (also funded summer 2013; Fall 2013 only)

Division Three

Department of Biological Sciences

Ryan Koops (Mentor: Johannes Bauer, Biological Sciences) “Determination of Pheromone levels in Long-lived Animals by Gas Chromatography/mass spectrometry Analysis”

Ketetha Olengue (Mentor: John Wise, Biological Sciences) “Computational and Biochemical Screening for New Drug Leads to Help Failed Cancer Chemotherapies” (Fall 2013 only; on reserve for summer 2014)

Collette Marchesseault (Mentor: John Wise, Biological Sciences) “Drug Discovery of New Co-Therapeutics for Failed Cancer Chemotherapies—Expression of Mammalian P-Glycoproteins in Bacteria and Yeast” (Spring 2014; on reserve for summer 2014)

Stephen Christopher Wheelis (Mentor: Pia Vogel, Biological Sciences) “Developing Drugs to Treat Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer: Investigating Potential Side Effects of Discovered Inhibitor Molecules”

Kristina Lackey (Mentor: Rick Jones, Biological Sciences) “Polycom Group Proteins”

Damilola Salako (Mentor: Steven Vik: Biological Sciences) “The Inhibitory Actions of Tea Compounds on Respiratory Complex I”

Rebecca Brady (Mentor: Robert Harrod, Biological Sciences) “Functional Transitive Similarities between the Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type 1 and Human Papillomavirus E6 Oncoproteins”

Haley Heatley (Mentor: Robert Harrod, Biological Sciences) “Characterization of the Role of the p53-Dependent Ribonucleotide Reductase 2-alpha Subunit in Viral Carcinogenesis”

Janice Kim (Mentor: Robert Harrod, Biological Sciences) “Regulation of Cellular Metabolism by the Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 Promotes Oncogene Activation during Viral Carcinogenesis”

Rachel Luna (Mentor: Robert Harrod, Biological Sciences) “Molecular Interplay between Human T-cell Leukemia virus Type-1 Proteins involved in the Maintenance of Proviral Latency and Establishment of Chronic Disease


Eugene Kim (Mentor: John Buynak, Chemistry) “Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Carbapenems to Elude Metallo-B-Lactamases”

Kevin J. Bruemmer (Mentor: Alexander Lippert, Chemistry) “Detection of Peroxynitrite Using Chemical Shift-Switching F magnetic Resonance Probes”

Anish Patel (Mentor: David Son, Chemistry) “Synthesis and Functionalization of Carbosilane-thioether Denrimers” (Spring 2014 only)

Brendan Celii (Mentor: Nicolay Tsarevsky, Chemistry) “Dynamic Covalent Materials Based on Hypervalent Compounds of Iodine and Bismuth”

Dalton Kim (Mentor:  Patty Wisian-Neilson, Chemistry) “New Phosphazene Materials Derived from Cyclic Polymeric Phosphazenes via Copper (I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions”


Sara Kendrick (Mentor: Scott Norris and Andrea Barreiro, Mathematics) “Statistical Correlations in large Neural Networks”

Vy Nguyen (Mentor: Brandilyn Stigler, Mathematics) “The Effect of Term and Variable Orders on Data Identification for Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks” (also funded Summer 2013)

Ashley Parks (Mentor: Vladimir Ajaev, Mathematics) “Modeling of Evaporation of Sessile Droplets of Aqueous Solutions”

Nicholas Saulnier (Mentor: Daniel Reynolds, Mathematics) “High Order Numerical methods for Advection-Dominated Flow simulations” (Fall 2013 ONLY)


Mayisha Nakib (Mentor; Jodi Cooley, Physics) “Material Characterization for Next Generation Dark Matter Experiments”

Acacea Sherman (Mentor: Robert Kehoe, Physics) “Photometric Analysis of Type 1a Supernovae)”

Isaac Guerra (Mentor: Robert Kehoe, Physics) “Discovery and Classification of Contact Binary Systems” (Fall 2013 only)

Aaron Chu (Mentor: Jingbo Ye, Physics) “Construction of Multi Wire Chamber and Readout Electronics for Usage in a Live Cosmic Ray Display”

Nicole Hartman (Mentor: Steve Sekula, Physics) “Developing Recoil Physics Methods to Study the Higgs quantum Field”