Annual Fellows Seminar

  • The Annual Fellows Seminar brings faculty and occasionally graduate students together to explore a topic that spans the humanities, social sciences and the professions.
  • Participants in this Seminar are appointed as Fellows of the DCII for the full academic year. 


    "Operations Research and Statistics: Toward Integrated Analytics" 


    Halit Uster
    EMIS, Lyle School of Engineering

    Tony Ng
    Statistics, Dedman College of Humanities and Science



    In this Fellows Seminar, we aim to bring statisticians, operations research analysts and other interdisciplinary experts together to achieve better teaching and research towards integrated analytics for the art and science of decision-making in the presence of big data available through modern information technology. We will establish a strong presence in both research and teaching in integrated analytics at SMU. Through the expansion of the existing programs, the interdisciplinary research effort will carry into the future of SMU. For more information on the seminar, click here. 



    Seminar Participants/Fellows



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