Doctorate of Philosophy

PhDs Awarded

Year Awarded Name Dissertation Title Affiliation
2013 Aaron Sanchez "From Mexico de Afuera to Aztlan: Belonging, Homeland Politics, and Citizenship in U.S.-Mexican Thought, Texas 1910-1979"

Visiting Scholar of History, Mountain View College
2012 Anna Banhegyi "Where Marx Meets Osceola: Ideology and Mythology in the Eastern Bloc Western" Szoloto Bilingual Educational Foundation - Budapest, Hungary

2012 John R. Gram "Education on the Edge of Empire: The Pueblos and the Federal Boarding Schools, 1881-1928" Adjunct Professor of History, Brookhaven College and English, SMU

2011 Timothy P. Bowman "Blood Oranges: Citriculture, Colonialism, and the Making of Anglo-American Identity in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Borderlands during the Twentieth Century" Assistant Professor of History, West Texas A&M University
2010 George T. Diaz "Contrabandista Communities: States and Smugglers in the Lower Rio Grande Borderlands, 1848-1945"

Assistant Professor of History, Sam Houston State University
2010 Eduardo Morález "From Tejano to Latino in Indiana: The Evolving Class and Ethnic Identity of Mexican Migrants to the Great Lakes, 1900-2000" History Instructor, North Lake College and El Centro College

2010 David Rex Galindo "Propaganda fide: Training Franciscan Missionaries in New Spain" Assistant Professor of History, Stephen F. Austin State University

2009 Edward James Dudlo "Martial Borderland: The Armed Incorporation of New Mexico, 1598-1912" Lead Faculty of History Department, Brookhaven College

2009 Jose Gabriel Martinez-Serna "Vineyards in the Desert: The Jesuits and the Rise and Decline of an Indian Town in New Spain's Northeastern Borderlands"

Independent Scholar
2009 Helen McLure “‘I Suppose You Think Strange the Murder of Women and Children’: White-capping and Lynching in the American West, 1850-1930”

Adjunct Assistant Professor History, University of Texas at Dallas
2009 Paul T. Nelson "Utah's Canyon Country: Hope and Experience Approach an American Desert, 1500-1936" Adjunct Lecturer of History, Otterbein University

2008 Matthew M. Babcock "Turning Apaches into Spaniards: North America's Forgotten Indian Reservations" Assistant Professor of History, University of North Texas, Dallas

2008 Houston F. Mount, II "Oilfield Revolutionary: The Career of Everette Lee DeGolyer" Assistant Professor of History, East Central  University, Oklahoma

2008 Jeffrey M. Schulze "Trans-Nations: Indians, Imagined Communities, and Border Realities in the Twentieth Century" Senior Lecturer of History, University of Texas at Dallas

2007 Alicia M. Dewey "Risk and Opportunity on the U.S./Mexico Border: Credit, Bankruptcy, and the Emergence of the Anglo and Mexican-American Middle Classes in South Texas, 1898-1941"

Associate Professor of History, Biola University
 2007  José A. Ramírez  "Tejanos in World War I: Here and Over There"  History Instructor, Laredo Community College
2007 Clive G. Siegle "Ciboleros and Sharps Rifles: Hispanics, Anglos, and the Great Buffalo Harvest, 1785-1879" Lead Faculty, History, Richland College

2006 Jimmy L. Bryan Jr. "The American Elsewhere: Adventurism and Manliness in the Age of Expansion, 1814-1848"

Associate Professor of History, Lamar University
2006 Francis X. Galán "Last Soldiers, First Pioneers: The Los Adaes Border Community on the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1721-1779"

Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University, San Antonio
2006 Bonnie M. Martin "'To Have and To Hold'…Human Collateral: Mortgaging Slaves to Build Virginia and South Carolina"

Independent Scholar
2004 Amy Meschke Porter “Women’s Lives Through Women’s Wills in the Spanish and Mexican Borderlands, 1750-1846”

Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University San Antonio
2003 Kerry R. Oman "As Far as the Eye Can Reach’: Eastern Sensibilities and the Changing Western Landscape"

Independent Scholar