Doctorate of Philosophy

PhDs Awarded

Year Awarded Name Dissertation Title Affiliation
2015   Luis A. Garcia "A Medieval Frontier:  Warfare and Military Culture in Texas and Northeastern Mexico (1686-1845)"

 Independent Scholar
2013 Aaron Sanchez "From Mexico de Afuera to Aztlan: Belonging, Homeland Politics, and Citizenship in U.S.-Mexican Thought, Texas 1910-1979"

Faculty, Mountain View College
2012 Anna Banhegyi "Where Marx Meets Osceola: Ideology and Mythology in the Eastern Bloc Western"

Szoloto Bilingual Educational Foundation - Budapest, Hungary

2012 John R. Gram "Education on the Edge of Empire: The Pueblos and the Federal Boarding Schools, 1881-1928" Instructor, Missouri State University, Springfield

2011 Timothy P. Bowman "Blood Oranges: Citriculture, Colonialism, and the Making of Anglo-American Identity in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Borderlands during the Twentieth Century" Assistant Professor of History, West Texas A&M University
2010 George T. Diaz "Contrabandista Communities: States and Smugglers in the Lower Rio Grande Borderlands, 1848-1945"

Assistant Professor of History, Sam Houston State University
2010 Eduardo Morález "From Tejano to Latino in Indiana: The Evolving Class and Ethnic Identity of Mexican Migrants to the Great Lakes, 1900-2000"

Fulltime Instructor,  El Centro College

2010 David Rex Galindo "Propaganda fide: Training Franciscan Missionaries in New Spain" Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History

2009 Edward James Dudlo

"Martial Borderland: The Armed Incorporation of New Mexico, 1598-1912" Lead Faculty of History Department, Brookhaven College

2009 Jose Gabriel Martinez-Serna "Vineyards in the Desert: The Jesuits and the Rise and Decline of an Indian Town in New Spain's Northeastern Borderlands"

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de Antropologia Social, in Monterrey Mexico (CIESAS Noreste). 

2009 Helen McLure “‘I Suppose You Think Strange the Murder of Women and Children’: White-capping and Lynching in the American West, 1850-1930”

Adjunct Assistant Professor History, University of Texas at Dallas
2009 Paul T. Nelson

"Utah's Canyon Country: Hope and Experience Approach an American Desert, 1500-1936" Adjunct Lecturer of History, Otterbein University

2008 Matthew M. Babcock "Turning Apaches into Spaniards: North America's Forgotten Indian Reservations" Assistant Professor of History, University of North Texas, Dallas

2008 Houston F. Mount, II "Oilfield Revolutionary: The Career of Everette Lee DeGolyer" Assistant Professor of History, East Central  University, Oklahoma

2008 Jeffrey M. Schulze

"Trans-Nations: Indians, Imagined Communities, and Border Realities in the Twentieth Century" Senior Lecturer of History, University of Texas at Dallas

2007 Alicia M. Dewey "Risk and Opportunity on the U.S./Mexico Border: Credit, Bankruptcy, and the Emergence of the Anglo and Mexican-American Middle Classes in South Texas, 1898-1941"

Associate Professor of History, Biola University
 2007  José A. Ramírez

 "Tejanos in World War I: Here and Over There"  History Instructor, Laredo Community College
2007 Clive G. Siegle "Ciboleros and Sharps Rifles: Hispanics, Anglos, and the Great Buffalo Harvest, 1785-1879"

Lead Faculty, History, Richland College

2006 Jimmy L. Bryan Jr. "The American Elsewhere: Adventurism and Manliness in the Age of Expansion, 1814-1848"

Associate Professor of History, Lamar University
2006 Francis X. Galán "Last Soldiers, First Pioneers: The Los Adaes Border Community on the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1721-1779"

Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University, San Antonio
2006 Bonnie M. Martin "'To Have and To Hold'…Human Collateral: Mortgaging Slaves to Build Virginia and South Carolina"

Independent Scholar
2004 Amy Meschke Porter “Women’s Lives Through Women’s Wills in the Spanish and Mexican Borderlands, 1750-1846”

Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University San Antonio
2003 Kerry R. Oman "As Far as the Eye Can Reach’: Eastern Sensibilities and the Changing Western Landscape"

Independent Scholar