Support the Richard B. Johnson Center

Dallas Hall SunsetThe Richard B. Johnson Center's sponsors play a vital role in maintaining the quality of the cutting-edge research undertaken at the Center. Sponsorship is one way you can help provide the crucial financial resources to support the Center's three-fold mission: to provide solutions for economic policy questions at the international, national, and regional levels; to conduct quantitative evaluation of economic programs implemented or proposed by governments and private organizations; and the application of predictive analytics to business and government decision-making.

The individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies that sponsor the Richard B. Johnson Center believe in the principles embodied in this mission of acquiring, building, and disseminating economic knowledge to the world. Many of our sponsors become collaborators with us in this process, as we diffuse knowledge and new ideas to the world through public forums, workshops, and research conferences taking place throughout the year. By contributing to the Richard B. Johnson Center, you will be updated and invited to attend our public and private events to take part in these rich scholarly exchanges.

To become a sponsor of the Richard B. Johnson Center for Economic Studies, please contact our director, Dr. Thomas B. Fomby, or donate now: | 214-768-2559