Embrey Human Rights Program

Degree Information

Through its major, minor and master's degree programs, SMU provides an enriching setting for individualized, interdisciplinary study of peace, social justice and human rights paired with opportunities for engaged learning abroad and at home, community service and art interactivity. Students explore local and world problems related to militarism, political violence and repression; social, gender and racial equality; human rights violations and conflict resolution; and environmental destruction, poverty and hunger.

SMU is the first university in the South and the fifth in the nation to offer an undergraduate human rights degree.
Currently, only six schools offer an undergraduate human rights degree. Students in the major have the choice of two interdisciplinary tracks: Gender and Human Rights or Public Policy and Human Rights.

The minor, which serves as an excellent complement to all majors, is an interdisciplinary program prompting students to invest time, effort and talend in defense of, or advocacy for, human rights.

SMU's Master of Liberal Studies degree in human rights and social justice, tailored to interdisciplinary, self-directed learning, was created in 2009.

Recent graduates of the Program have pursued careers in education, law enforcement, medicine, engineering, political science, journalism, government, environmental science, the arts and the nonprofit sector, and have attended law school.