Embrey Human Rights Program

The Embrey Human Rights Program has launched a new scholarship in honor of Santos Rodriguez.

The Santos Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship will promote human rights education for emerging leaders, and honor the memory of a young boy whose life ended far too soon.

To learn more about the scholarship or make a donation, please visit: www.smu.edu/santos


Why Should We Care About Human Rights?

Human rights touch every part of life.

They reveal the basic commonalities that transcend time and space, and the authentic differences that make communities unique. All people are called to participate in the struggle of protecting access to society’s most fundamental needs and inherent freedoms. The absence of human rights anywhere dehumanizes individuals everywhere - regardless of race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, ability, and background - for one person’s unjust oppression is always tied to another’s unearned privilege. The choice of awakening to action must therefore be regarded as both a necessary charge and a sacred trust.

However, the work of human rights is rarely easy. When faced with complex problems and intractable conflicts, the temptation to remain inert can be paralyzing. It is in this space of hesitation that the value of human rights education is proven. The Embrey Human Rights Program (EHRP) guides people to discover the knowledge, experiences, and interactions they require to be transformed. Its curriculum challenges individuals to grow even as it supports them in their growth. And its advocacy for justice demonstrates how positive change can be won.

EHRP provides many opportunities to learn, travel, and act for human rights. Explore how you can get involved by navigating through the full menu above, or jumping directly to these popular links:

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