Embrey Human Rights Program

The 2016 Triumph of the Spirit Awards will be presented this November!

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Why Should We Care About Human Rights?

Human rights touch every part of life. They reveal similarities shared throughout humanity, and differences that make communities unique. All people have rights, regardless of their race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, ability, and background. Likewise, every person can help build a society where rights are recognized and honored.

The work of human rights is rarely easy. However, it is worth the struggle! The Embrey Human Rights Program helps individuals near and far advance their dreams - dreams of dignity, of justice, of making their lives matter, of never again having to feel desperate and afraid. We invite you to join our work!

EHRP provides many opportunities to learn, travel, and act for human rights. Explore how you can get involved by navigating through the full menu above, or jumping directly to these popular links:

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