Embrey Human Rights Program


Why Should We Care About Human Rights?

Embrey Human Rights ProgramIn the aftermath of the Holocaust, the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 and the end of the Cold War, human rights has become one of the most powerful and important subjects in academic discourse. Recent human rights issues occur in diverse places such as Syria, Tibet, Bosnia, South Sudan. The United States is not immune to human rights abuses either; close to home, human rights issues occur in Guantanamo Bay and New Orleans. The scope of human rights violations is wide, covering subjects such as the death penalty, hate crimes, genocide, torture, mass murder and crimes against women, galvanizing scholars and students throughout academia.

At SMU, students gain the skills, education and training to make a difference in harsh realities and take a stand where there's injustice. They participate in various human rights trips around the world. Their journeys honor victims of unimaginable horrors and serve as reminders that the human spirit is capable of enduring and vanquishing mankind's worst deeds.

We have the responsibility to try to prevent human rights atrocities from happening. We must see our lives as inextricably linked to both the past and the future, so that all peoples, individually and collectively, can live with dignity.