French and Francophone Studies

Did You Know?

French will upgrade your bachelor's degree, making you more versatile and marketable in the workplace.

  • Nearly 3000 employers in the US are wholly or mostly-french owned
  • France is one of the United States' biggest trading partners
  • French-owned companies have major stakes in the banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, hospitality, fashion, and cosmetic industries
  • French can help you get a job in Texas
    • According to the US government, Texas ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of people employed by French-owned companies
  • Knowing the language and culture makes it easier to succeed and advance in a French-owned corporation.
  • Becoming fluent in French is not easy. Majoring in French sets you apart from other applicants and tells potential employers and graduate or professional schools that you are smart, savvy, and hard-working

French will make you a global citizen.

  • French is one of only two international languages
  • French is spoken on every continent
  • There are more than 200 million speakers of French worldwide
  • French is one of the most widely spoken languages in Africa (the next major global marketplace)

Upgrade your Bachelors Degree: Major in French at SMU!