With an estimated 500 million native speakers, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world and the official language of 21 countries. Here at home, 55 million people speak Spanish, making the United States second only to Mexico as the largest Spanish-speaking country.  By gaining linguistic skills and cultural knowledge, as well as practical experience via internships and study abroad programs, SMU Spanish majors become global citizens able to connect to all of these people and places.

1. Work abroad in 21 countries. SMU Spanish majors have found work in schools, NGOs, and businesses in Spain and throughout Latin America.

2. Expand your employment opportunities here at home. SMU Spanish majors use their linguistic skills to find employment in such diverse fields as advertising, translation, law, and business.

3. Go to graduate school. SMU Spanish majors master academic skills that help them succeed in graduate programs in disciplines like Medicine, Law, Public Policy, Art History, and Linguistics in universities that include UT Austin, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard.

4. Be a teacher. SMU Spanish majors have taught with Teach for America, in large urban school districts like Dallas ISD, at private schools, and even here at SMU!

5. Serve the community. Many SMU Spanish majors who work in schools, hospitals, NGOs, and other community-based sectors report using their cultural and linguistic knowledge on a daily basis.

For more examples of what our students do after graduation, visit our webpage, “Students and Alumni Put Language to Work”