Chinese Minor


The Chinese minor consists of 17 term hours. This includes 14 hours of language training beginning with the intermediate level or higher as well as one course in Chinese culture, history or literature

Chinese Minor Requirements:

  • CHIN 2401 and 2402
  • Two courses from
CHIN 3311, 3312, 4381 and 4382
  • One course from these supporting courses
CHIN 4381, CHIN 4382, FL 3310, 3312, 3325, 3397; HIST 3383, 3398: RELI 3377, RELI 3378

Note: Students taking CHIN 4381 and 4382 for the language component for the requirement must take another course from the list of supporting courses.

Students testing into any course above 2402 will have to earn nine credit hours in residence (six credit hours in Chinese language and three credit hours in Chinese culture) in order to receive the minor in Chinese.