Women's and Gender Studies

Course Clusters for Women's and Gender Studies Minors

Consider a minor in Women's and Gender Studies if you are interested in the following subjects.

Art History and Theatre

ARHS 3358:  Gender and Sexuality in the Visual Arts
ARHS 3365: Race and Gender in Visual Culture

Cinema and Television; Journalism

COMM 3341: Ethnicity, Culture, and Communication
FILM 2362/CFA 3362:  Diversity and American Film: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
JOUR 4360:  Women and Minorities in Mass Media



ENGL 1360:  The American Heroine
ENGL 3344:  Victorian Gender
ENGL 3364/CF 3370:  Women and the Southwest
ENGL 3367/CF 3364:  Ethical Implications of Children's Literature
ENGL 3371/CF 3363/HIST 3371:  Joan of Arc
ENGL 3373:  Masculinities: Literary Images and Perspectives
ENGL 3377:    Literature and the Construction of Homosexuality
ENGL 3379/ CFA 3379:  The Literature and Culture of Disability
ENGL 6375: Sex, Gender, and Literature
MDVL 3352: Gender in the Middle Ages
WL 3312:  Women in Modern China
WL 3359:  Masculinities: Literary Images and Perspectivies
WL 3363/CF 3347:  Figuring the Feminine


HIST 3301/HRTS 3301/ CF 3317:  Human Rights: America’s Dilemma
HIST 3312:  Women in American History to 1900
HIST 3316/CF 3311:  Sex In America: An Introduction
HIST 3317/HRTS 3317: Persecution to Affirmation
HIST 3327: Women in American History from 1900
HIST 3329:  Women in Early Modern Europe
HIST 3330:  Women in Modern European History
HIST 3348/CFA 3348H:  Changing American Families
HIST 3355:  Class and Gender in Ancient Society
HIST 3357/CF 3363/ENGL 3371:  Joan of Arc
HIST 3394:  The New Woman: The Emergence of Modern Womanhood in the US
HIST 3398:  Women in Chinese History
HIST 4304: At the Crossroads: Gender and Sexuality in the Southwest

Philosophy and Religious Studies

PHIL 3305: Philosophy and Gender
RELI 3374: Female and Male In Religion and Culture
RELI 3375:  The Feminine Divine
RELI 3380: Women and Religion in America
RELI 3381: Religion, Gender, and Economic Development

Social Science

ANTH 3310/ CFB 3310:  Gender and Sex Roles: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 3328/WGST 3328: Gender Violence
ANTH 3336/ CFA 3336:  Gender and Globalization
ANTH 4386: The Archaeology of Gender and Sexuality
ECO 4351:  Labor Economics
ECO 5357:  Human Resources
PLSC 3370:  Women in Politics
PLSC 4344: Gender in World Politics
PLSC 4339:  Women and the Law
PSYC 3371:  Psychology of Women
SOCI 3330: Social Construction of Identities
SOCI 3345: Construction of Social Identity in the Media
SOCI 3351:  Sociology of the Family
SOCI 3371:  Sociology of Gender
SOCI 4373:  Class, Race, and Gender Inequalities

Women’s and Gender Studies Core Courses

WGST 2322/CFA 3302:  Gender : Images and Perspectives
WGST 3310/HRTS 3310: Gender and Human Rights
WGST 3328/ANTH 3828 Gender Violence
WGST 3347/CF 3347/WL 3363:  Figuring the Feminine
WGST 3370/CF 3370/ENGL 3364:  Women and the Southwest
WGST 3380/CFA 3303:  Human Sexuality
WGST 6300/TC 8375: Advanced Feminist Theory

Topics Courses:  These Count For WGST Credit Only With The Following Topics

ANTH  4351: Special Topics: Gender Embodiment
ENGL 3361:  Literature and Society Topics: Women's Lives/Women's Novels
ENGL 4362:  Topics: Female Writers
ENGL 4343: Studies in British Literature in the Age of Revolutions: “Gender at the Fin de Siècle”
FILM 3310:  Screen Artists: Women in Film
FILM 3395/3396: Topics in Cinema Television: Gay and Lesbian Film/Videos; OR Dumb White Guys
FILM 3395/3396: Topics in Cinema Television:  Contemporary Women Filmmakers; OR Feminism and the Pornographic Moving Image
FREN 5334: Genre Studies: In their place:  French Women Writers and Society
HIST 1322:  Seminar in European History (when offered as Renaissance Queens and Mistresses)
HIST 3310:  Problems in American History:      Women’s Movements/Gender Systems
PHIL 3375: Topics in Moral Philosophy: Procreation and Parenthood
PSYC 4381: Special Topics: Parenting
SPAN 5336: Spanish-American Novel: Everything is made with Mirrors: (Re)presentations of Gender in the Contemporary Short Latin American Novel
THEA 4381/CF 3378 Studies in Contemporary Performance: Solo Performance
TH 4384/CF 3323:   Gender and Performance