Seminars: Fall 2012

Deptartment of Statistical Science Seminar

November 8 - ASA Meeting

November 8, 2012  North Texas American Statistical Association Meeting

6:30pm in 153 Heroy Bldg, SMU Campus

Speaker:  Cindy R. Ford, Ph.D.

 Title: Adding Value as a Statistical Consultant in Marketing Research


This talk will provide insights for effective communication, will review methods regularly used in marketing research, and will provide a summary of the types of issues faced by marketing researchers along with example solutions for select marketing problems.

The talk will begin with tips for effective client communication.  These will include both oral and written communication.  Communication tips will cover things such as: how to ensure the research objectives are clearly understood, appropriate responses to put a client at ease, and how to handle difficult situations.  I will then move to an overview of statistical methods regularly used in marketing research and will focus on discrete choice models.  The talk will conclude with examples of applications and a demonstration of a simulator that is typically provided to a client to enable them to independently address business decisions using model results.