Seminars: Fall 2012

Deptartment of Statistical Science Seminar

November 16 Seminar

3:00 in 153 Heroy Bldg, SMU Campus

Speaker:  Professor N. Balakrishnan, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University

 Title: Some Flexible Cure Rate Models and Associated Inference


In this talk, I will first introduce two classical cure rate models and then desscribe how more flexible models can be obtained.  These models would allow for over- and under- dispersion as well, in comparison to the well-known Poisson cure rate model.  I shall then detail some inferential asapects associataed with this general cure rate model and illustrate it by fitting to a cutaneous melanoma data.  Finally, I will mention some other variations that could be made to the model based on some biological considerations and associated inferential results.