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Linda Brewster Stearns


StearnsProfessor Emeritus of Sociology
PhD, SUNY at Stony Brook
Research Professor of Economic Policy
Cox School of Business

(214) 768-4179




Research and Teaching Interests

Markets, Culture, Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Networks, Social Movements, Organizations, Mergers and Acquisitions

Current Research

My research interests focus on networks and financial decision-making, environmental policymaking, and mergers and acquisitions. My current projects include a study of the effects of social networks on the bonuses bankers receive, the creation of a market for mergers, and an examination of merger wave activity in the United States from 1890 to present.

Selected Publications

"Getting a Bonus: Social Networks, Performance, and Reward Among Commercial Bankers" (with Mark S. Mizruchi and Anne Fleischer). 2011. Organization Science.

"The Conditional Nature of Embeddedness: A Study of Borrowing by Large U.S. Firms, 1973-1994" (with Mark S. Mizruchi and Christopher Marquis). 2006. American Sociological Review.

"Banking and Financial Markets" (with Mark S. Mizruchi) in The Handbook of Economic Sociology. 2005. 2nd edition, edited by Neil J. Smelser and Richard Swedberg. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

"The Formation of State Actor-Social Movement Coalitions and Favorable Policy Outcomes" (with Paul D. Almeida). 2004. Social Problems (November):478-504.

"Getting Deals Done: The Use of Social Networks in Bank Decision Making" (with Mark S. Mizruchi). 2002. American Sociological Review (October):647-671.


  • Russell Sage Visiting Scholar, 2000-2001 and Fall 1988
  • Center for the Social Sciences Fellow, Columbia University, Fall 1989.
  • George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation Fellow, 1988-1989.
  • Grants Awarded: National Science Foundation, Citicorp BSRC, and LaSer EPSCor