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Research with Departmental Distinction

Departmental Distinction (SOCI 4396)

The major offers graduation with distinction to select student majors of high academic achievement.

 I. Who is eligible for Departmental Distinction?

The program is open to junior and senior majors. Interested students with a minimum 3.000 overall GPA and a 3.500 GPA in the major. Students applying for distinction should also be persuing a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology.

II. How do I apply for Departmental Distinction?

Students wishing to work for distinction in sociology should consult the director of undergraduate studies as soon as possible in the junior year.

III. What will I be expected to do during my distinction project?

Students will be expected to engage in original research (based on a topic covered in a 3000- or 4000-level course) and write a journal-length article under the supervision of a faculty member while enrolled in SOCI 4396.

At the end of the term, the supervising faculty will make a recommendation to departmental faculty regarding distinction. The department committee will then evaluate the merits of the paper and determine if distinction will be awarded.

Examples of Distinction Projects

Please click on the title to read an abstract of the work.

2012. Noel, Jessica. “Parent Knowledge and Support of University Health Center.”

2012. Cochrane, Caroline. “Student Satisfaction with University Health Center.”

2011. Masters, Logan. “Managing the Millennials: Recruiting Volunteers in the Health Industry.”

2011. Shulman, Madeline.“The Diffusion of Women’s PACS to the American States”

2010. Costigan, Adele. “Race, Gender, and Crime Policy in the Texas State Legislature.”

2010. Coyle, Colleen. “Who’s In and Who’s Out? An In-depth Look at Sorority Rush”  

Important Departmental Distinction Forms

Student Petition for Individual Research Course (SOCI 4396)

Application to Pursue Distinction in Sociology  

Decision to Grant Distinction in Sociology