The Undergraduate Advisor for Sociology Majors is Leslie DeArman

Prof. DeArman's office is 306B Hyer Hall. Her email is

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Common Questions

1. For students wanting preapproved transfer credit, we only preapprove courses if you provide a syllabus for the course you want preapproved. We generally do not approve courses from departments of criminal justice or departments of social work. Courses from a sociology department are best.

2. When should I take SOCI 3311 and 3312? These classes can only be guaranteed once a year, not every semester cannot so you should take them as SOON AS POSSIBLE!

3. Two semesters before planned graduation, student is strongly advised to obtain a degree check from Dedman Records (Clements Hall).

4. All 3000 and 4000 level classes taken to fulfill the major requirements for a Sociology BA degree must be passed with a C- or higher.

5. About 3 weeks before both fall and spring registrations, there will be pre-advising for sociology majors. Please sign up for an appointment to be advised at that time

Please fill out and bring the correct checklist with you to your advising appointment.

Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Sociology Advising Checklist

Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Sociology Advising Checklist

Advice for Pre-majors