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 Why should I do an internship?

Sociology majors can enhance their educational experience by doing an internship for course credit.  This internship can be paid or unpaid. As part of the internship the student meets regularly with a sociology faculty member to maximize relevancy to the student’s interests and goals. Alternatively, a student can do a paid internship without course credit. Both of these experiences are beneficial in determining the kind of job you want as well as making you more competitive in the labor market.

Department and Dedman College Requirements and Expectations

1. Students will identify an internship experience that allows them to apply the skills or knowledge gained in sociology courses to a professional setting.

2. This course is ALWAYS taken on a pass/fail basis and students must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or above to enroll.

3. The student will work approximately 3 hours per week for every credit hour (4198 3 hours; 4298 6 hours; 4398 9 hours). Total hours can be distributed in consultation with internship supervisor.

4. The student will meet biweekly with Director and will write a 10 to 15 page paper to be submitted to the Director of Sociology on or before the last day of classes. The contents of the paper will be decided in consultation with the director.

5. There is no outside reading associated with this course.

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Detailed Examples of Directed Internships

2012. Erin Symons. “New Hire Training in the Hotel Industry.” (The Montage Hotel; California)

2011. Courtney Cross. “Art House Dallas (HPUMC): Cultivating Creative Communities.” (Art House; Dallas, Texas)

2010. Kalinda Kundomal. "The Department of Public Health Through a Sociological Lens." (The New Mexico Department of  Public Heath; New Mexico)

2009. Katie Snyder. "How Relationships are Stratified by Sex in the Workplace." (Young and Republican; New York, New York)

The following are additional examples of possible directed internships

**Author. "Title of Internship Paper" (Company; Locaiton of Internship)**


Erin Symons. “New Hire Training in the Hotel Industry” (The Montage Hotel; California)

Allison Lewis. “Promoting a Wedding” (Bella Flora; Dallas, Texas)

Raha Assadi. “The Criminal Justice Court in Dallas Texas” (Local Judge's Office; Dallas, Texas)


Yvonne Pitts. “A Sociological Study of University Student Affairs Office.” (SMU; Dallas, Texas)

Katie Nichols. “Public Relations in the Fashion Industry.” (DVF; New York, New York)

Courtney Cross. “Art House Dallas (HPUMC): Cultivating Creative Communities.” (Art House; Dallas, Texas)

Courtney Thompson. “Building Positive Community Relationships in Professional Sports.” (Media West; Dallas, Texas)

Kyle McGrory. “Survey of Metroplex Directors of Volunteer Services.” (White Rock Hospital; Dallas, Texas)

Logan Masters. “Survey of Metroplex Directors of Volunteer Services.” (White Rock Hospital; Dallas, Texas)

Rachel Singer. “Volunteer Evaluation Research: In-Depth Study of a Hospital Setting.” (White Rock Hospital; Dallas, Texas)


Elizabeth White. “Covering the Upper Class: Uncovering News Coverage of Dallas Elites.” (Papercity; Dallas, Texas)

Kundomal, Kalinda. “A Sociological Understanding of the Public Health Department.” (New Mexico Department of Heath)

Coyle, Colleen. “Girls Inc: A Program Evaluation and Needs Assessment Study." (Girls Inc.; Dallas, Texas)


Katie Wilmes. “Providing Services in the District: In-Depth Study of Senate District Office” (Senator John Corwin; Dallas, Texas)

Katie Snyder. “Gender Dynamics among Interns and Mentors: The Advertising Industry” (Young and Republican; New York, New York)


Patricia Blount.” Girls in Motion: A Program Evaluation Study" (Girls in Motion; Dallas, Texas)