Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Family Health & Development Lab!

At the Family Health & Development Lab, we conduct research with children and families.  The goal of this work is to better understand how families get along from day to day and how family functioning is related to family members' mental health and well-being.  We are also interested in understanding why some children experience periods of feeling sad or "blue", whereas other children do not.

Some of the topics we study are:

  • How do couples handle everyday minor disagreements?
  • How are couples' communication and satisfaction intertwined with their mental health?
  • What do children and adolescents think about their families?
  • How do parents and children respond to different stressful situations that may occur within the family?
  • How do families contribute to the emotional well-being of children?

If your family is interested in participating in a research study, click here for more information!