Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

Student Support

All students receive a Teaching Assistantship, which is based on a contract to work on the average of 20 hours per week teaching and supervising undergraduate students. The amount of the TAship for the 2014-2015 academic year will be $18,000 per year, paid across 26 installments. The TA is provided for four years, pending satisfactory performance. Students also receive a tuition and fee waiver for that four-year period. Students are also encouraged to seek forms of support to reduce teaching requirements and to obtain funding for a fifth year of study. In addition, many faculty are able to provide partial or full support for graduate students through grant-funded research assistantship.

Conditions for accepting the Teaching Assistantship are:

  • During the term of this appointment, you may not seek or accept other part-time or full-time employment at SMU or outside of the university without permission of the Chair of the Department of Psychology and the Dean of Dedman College.
  • The assistantship will be renewed for the next academic year (for up to four years) pending satisfactory completion of the current year's assistantship.
  • The assistantship can be discontinued, at any time, if there is not satisfactory performance
  • Satisfactory performance involved meeting several important expectations:
    • Attending regular meetings as scheduled by your Faculty Advisor.
    • Satisfactorily completing research duties/responsibilities assigned by your Faculty Advisor.
    • Satisfactory performance in other program requirements (e.g., coursework). 
    • Attending all departmental colloquia and research seminars.