George Holden


George Holden

Professor and Undergraduate Director

Expressway Tower 1300

Dr. Holden received a US State Department Grant in January 2013 funding a three-year partnership with Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women's University in Peshawar, Pakistan. Read more...

Dr. Holden has been the Chair of an international conference to end corporal punishment: GLOBAL SUMMIT on ENDING CORPORAL PUNISHMENT and PROMOTING POSITIVE DISCIPLINE, JUNE 2-4, 2011, DALLAS, TX.

The Holden lab focuses on understanding the determinants and significance of the parent-child relationship in development. Much of the work conducted in this lab has addressed the proximate causes of parental behavior with an emphasis on parental social cognition. For example, we have investigated parental attitudes and thinking as it relates to parental use of physical punishment. We are currently examining parental yelling from both the parents’ and children’s perspective. A second but closely related area of research concerns the causes and effects of family violence, including how intimate partner violence affects parenting and children’s development.


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