Austin Baldwin


Austin Baldwin

Assistant Professor

Expressway Tower 1300

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In my research, my students and I focus on theoretically-guided questions aimed at understanding individuals’ decisions to engage in and maintain health behaviors. This work spans different health domains including smoking cessation, weight loss, physical activity, chronic illness management, and vaccinations. My research bridges basic and applied science with work in laboratory and field settings, addressing factors that are relevant to people’s decisions at different phases of health behavior change. The questions that guide my research sit at the interface of social, clinical, and health psychology and include questions such as “Why are people’s own persuasive arguments effective in changing health behavior?”, “How can self-persuasion be used effectively to change health behavior?”, and “Why are most people unsuccessful at maintaining health behavior changes?”. My research has important clinical and public health implications as we work to identify important factors on which interventions can more effectively be tailored, as well as making important theoretical contributions as we also work to refine and enrich psychological theory of behavioral decision-making.


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