Academic Programs

The Department of Philosophy offers a BA in Philosophy and minors in Philosophy and in Ethics. Students who qualify may be awarded Departmental Distinction upon graduation.

Bachelor of Arts With a Major in Philosophy

The BA degree requires at least 30 semester hours in the department, including at least 21 semester hours of advanced work (courses 3000 and above). The 30 hours must include PHIL 1301 (Elementary Logic), 3351 (History of Western Philosophy: Ancient), 3352 (History of Western Philosophy: Modern) and at least one course from the sequence PHIL 3310–3319. At least 12 hours of a world language are strongly recommended.

Departmental Distinction

Departmental distinction is awarded to philosophy majors graduating with at least a 3.5 GPA in philosophy and who successfully complete a writing project under the guidance of a faculty member.

Minor in Philosophy

The philosophy minor will consist of 15 semester hours of work in the department. No more than six hours may be from elementary (1000-level) courses, and at least three hours must be chosen from the History of Philosophy sequence (PHIL 3351 or 3352). It is recommended that each student minoring in philosophy take one of the department’s general introductory courses.

Minor in Ethics

The ethics minor consists of at least 15 semester hours of work in the department. These hours must include the following courses: (1) PHIL 1305: Introduction to Philosophy; (2) one of the following courses: PHIL 1316: Introduction to Ethics; PHIL 1317: Business Ethics, or PHIL 1318: Contemporary Moral Problems; and (3) three courses from the sequence PHIL 3371–3381.