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Soraya Gollop

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Michigan
Hyer Hall 211B

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My central research interests are in the area that intersects practical reason, ethics, moral psychology, action theory, and rational choice. I am primarily interested in how our desires relate to/cause our actions, and what this implies about the nature of our desires and ourselves. This extends into ethics in the question of moral action, and the worry about whether or not there are, in Frankfurt's terms, "unthinkable actions." In rational choice, I am working on how the nature of our desires informs how we can think of dynamic choice (choice over time).



"Second-Personal Competence as Emotional Intelligence," Southwest Philosophy Review 26 (2010): 67-70.


Courses Taught

PHIL 3352: History of Western Philosophy (Modern)
PHIL 3375: Topics in Moral Philosophy: Desire and the Self
PHIL 3376: Bioethics
PHIL 1318: Contemporary Moral Problems