Departmental Directory

Michael Holahan

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Yale University

Michael Holahan studies the literature of the English Renaissance and its affiliations with the classical past. While his principal concern now is the drama of Shakespeare, he also extends his interests to include the development of the novel from Austen to Henry James and L. P. Hartley.

Publications (selected)

  • “Iamque opus exegi: Ovid’s Changes and Spenser’s Brief  pic of Mutability,” English Literary Renaissance 6 (1976), 44-70.
  • “The Oresteia” in Homer to Brecht: The European Epic and  Dramatic Traditions, eds. Seidel and  Mendelson (Yale University Press; New Haven, 1977), 143-70.
  • "Ovid and Spenser,” The Spenser Encyclopedia, eds.  A.C. Hamilton et al. (University of Toronto Press, 1990).
  • “Wyatt, the Heart’s Forest, and the Ancient Savings,”  English Literary Renaissance 23 (1993), 46-80.
  • “’Look, her lips’: Softness of Voice, Construction of Character in  King Lear,”  Shakespeare Quarterly 48 (1997), 406-431.