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Nathan Balke


Ph.D., Northwestern University
Umphrey Lee 301A

My research areas are in macroeconomics and applied time series analysis.  Much of my current research examines linkage between financial markets, credit frictions and macroeconomic activity.  I am also interested in the determinants of oil price movements and their effect on economic activity.

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Time Series Analysis

Courses Taught

Graduate and Undergraduate Macroeconomics

Selected Publications

  • “The Contribution of Economic Fundamentals to Movements in Exchange Rates” (with Jun Ma and Mark Wohar), Journal of International Economics, 30 (1), 2013, 1-16.
  • Market Fundamentals vs Rational Bubbles in Stock Prices: A Bayesian Analysis” (with Mark Wohar), Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24 (1), 2009, 35-75.
  • "The Relative Price Effects of Monetary Shocks",” (with Mark A. Wynne), Journal of Macroeconomics, 29 (1), 2007, 19-36.
  • "Low Frequency Movements in Stock Prices: A State Space Decomposition,”(with Mark Wohar), Review of Economics and Statistics, 84(4), November 2002, 649-667.
  • "Oil Price Shocks and the U.S. Economy: Where Does the Asymmetry Originate?”  (with Stephen P.A. Brown and Mine K. Yücel), Energy Journal, 23(3) 2002, 27-52.
  • "How Well Does the Beige Book Reflect Economic Activity? Evaluating Qualitative Information Quantitatively,” (with D’Ann Petersen), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 34 (1), February 2002, 114-136.
  • "Credit and Economic Activity: Credit Regimes and Nonlinear Propagation of Shocks, ”Review of Economics and Statistics,  May 2000, 344-349.
  • "Threshold Cointegration," (with T. Fomby), International Economic Review, 38(3), August 1997, 627-646.


  • Department Chairman: 2000-2006, 2010-present
  • 2007 Dedman Family Distinguished Professor
  • Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: 1994-present

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