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Daniel Millimet


Ph.D., Brown University
Umphrey Lee 301NA

An applied microeconometrician, my research focuses on uncovering causal relationships between environmental policy, trade policy, and environmental and economic outcomes, as well as between public policies and child outcomes.  I am also interested in issues concerning program evaluation and panel data methods.  My research has been funded by the US Department of Agriculture, Hunger Center of North Texas, International Council for Canadian Studies Program, and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

Research Interests

Microeconometrics, Environmental Economics, Labor Economics

Courses Taught

Econometrics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education

Selected Publications

  • “Estimating Treatment Effects Without an Exclusion Restriction: With an Application to the School Breakfast Program,” with R. Tchernis.  Journal of Applied Econometrics (2013)
  • “Do National Borders Matter? Intranational Trade, International Trade, and the Environment,” with C. McAusland.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2013)
  • “School Nutrition Programs and the Incidence of Childhood Obesity,” with M. Husain and R. Tchernis.  Journal of Human Resources (2010)
  • “On the Specification of Propensity Scores: with Applications to the Analysis of Trade Policies,” with R. Tchernis.  Journal of Business & Economic Statistics (2009)
  • “Efficiency in Public Schools: Does Competition Matter?” with T. Collier.  Journal of Econometrics (2008)
  • “Is Gravity Linear?” with D.J. Henderson.  Journal of Applied Econometrics (2008)
  • “Pollution Abatement Costs and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to U.S. States: A Nonparametric Reassessment,” with D.J. Henderson. Review of Economics and Statistics (2007)
  • “Credit Programs for the Poor and the Health Status of Children in Rural Bangladesh,” with M.M. Pitt, Shahidur Khandker, and Omar Haider Chowdhury. International Economic Review (2003)
  • “Effects of Environmental Regulations on Manufacturing Plant Births: Evidence from a Propensity Score Matching Estimator,” with J.A. List, W.W. McHone, and P.G. Fredriksson. Review of Economics and Statistics (2003)
  • “Strategic Interaction and the Determination of Environmental Policy Across US States,” with P.G. Fredriksson. Journal of Urban Economics (2002)
  • “The Impact of Children on Wages, Job Tenure, and the Division of Household Labor.” Economic Journal (2000)


  • Research Fellow, IZA
  • Senior Co-Editor, Advances in Econometrics
  • Associate Editor, Empirical Economics
  • Editorial Council, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management
  • 2012 Outstanding Author Contribution Award (Emerald Literati Network)
  • 2010 Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow (SMU)
  • 2010 AEJ Best Article Award (International Atlantic Economic Society)
  • 2008 Kenneth J. Arrow Prize for Senior Economists (Berkeley Electronic Press)
  • 2000 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize
  • Phi Beta Kappa (U Michigan)

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