Department of Economics

Texas Camp Econometrics

15th annual meeting of the Texas Camp Econometrics

On February 20 and 21 a group of our faculty and Ph.D. students attended the 15th annual meeting of the Texas Camp Econometrics held at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa on Lake Conroe, Texas.  Dann Millimet presented a paper entitled “Estimation of Treatment Effects Without an Exclusion Restriction with an Application to the Analysis of the School Breakfast Program.”  Nathan Balke presented a paper entitled “Sectoral Effects of Aggregate Shocks.”  And Anna Kormilitsina presented a paper entitled “Numerical Performance of MCMC Algorithms for Classical Estimation.”  These papers were among 16 papers presented at the conference by professors and students from the 5 participating universities: SMU, Rice, University of Houston, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas.  Approximately 60 faculty and students from the 5 universities attended the conference.  The website for the conference can be found at

By way of history, the Texas Camp Econometrics (TCE) is an annual gathering of econometricians and empirical economists from the above mentioned 5 universities.  TCE is sponsored by the Economics Departments at each of the schools and by StataCorp.  The primary goal of the camp is to bring together econometricians/empirical economists of the host universities and their guests to discuss issues in econometrics, both applied and theoretical, and to present papers for comments by the participants.  A second goal of the camp is to stimulate student interest in econometrics and help students develop their technical presentation skills by encouraging the students of host universities to participate in the meetings and present papers. 

left to right on the front row: Jingjing Ye, Xiaomei Ren, Manan Roy and Jayjit Roy. 

left to right on the second row: Difei Geng, Dann Millimet, Anna Kormilitsina, Tom Fomby, Nathan Balke and Subhojit Das.