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D Blackwell

David D. Blackwell

Hamilton Professor
Geothermal Studies

Ph.D. Harvard

  • Geothermal Studies and Plate Tectonics
  • Energy Resource Estimates and Geothermal Exploration

Courses Taught

GEOL 3340 - Face of the Earth
GEOL 5320 - Dynamic Earth
GEOL 6341 - Basin Analysis
GEOL 6375 - Theory of Heat Flow and Diffusion

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Research Statement

David Blackwell's research involves the thermal state of the lithosphere, in all its different combinations and permutations. Current projects deal with the thermal structure of sedimentary basins, heat flow and plate tectonics, especially the temperature structure in subduction zones and its geodynamic implications, thermal regime of geothermal systems, at a local and regional focus for geothermal resource evaluation within the United States.

National Geothermal Data System: In 2010, he received a $5.25 million Department of Energy contract to collect and synthesize data for the new National Geothermal Database project. Working in partnership with SMU, as the leader, are Siemens Corporate Research, a division of Siemens Corporation, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, Cornell Energy Institute, Cornell University, Geothermal Resources Council, MLKay Technologies, Texas Tech University, University of North Dakota.

Geothermal Research Studies: Dave was funded by Google.org from 2008 to 2011 to improve understanding of the thermal resources, especially in the eastern U.S. and update the temperature-at-depth maps from 3 to 10 km. These are available on Google.org/egs as part of their Google Earth package. The project greatly increased the number of temperature data points, thermal conductivity values and thermal regime models for numerous sedimentary basins across the U.S. Incorporating the new data into heat flow and geothermal resource maps for the industry, thereby updating the map used for the 2004 Geothermal Map of North America and the 2006 MIT Future of Geothermal Energy report. In addition there will be an update of the AAPG Geothermal Map of North America in 2012.

Additionally, with his foresight to involve the oil and gas industry into geothermal energy production, the SMU Geothermal Laboratory is the primary researcher of the process for converting oil and gas wells into geothermal electrical projects. As part of this research they put on conferences to assist companies with networking and their understanding of resources and available technology. The fifth conference was in June, 2011, titled: Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil and Gas Development, in Dallas, on the SMU Campus. Materials from all past five conferences are available
Geothermal Group Web Page

Thermotectonics Dave has worked on the relationship between surface heat flow, crustal thermal structure, and seismicity, especially in the vicinity of subduction zones. These studies have implications for seismic risk assessment. By utilizing the surface heat flow and thermal conductivity data for subsurface rocks, the Geothermal Lab researcher have shown the temperature along major fault zones at depth relates to the potential of the crust to support brittle failure. In McKenna's work, the physical properties of the hanging wall of the subduction zone, along with the surface heat flow, determines whether blueschist or greenschist conditions occur at the plate boundary. Seismic zones appear to be correlated with greenschist conditions on the surface of the subducting slab.

Selected Publications

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