Earth Sciences




  • Dr. Heather DeShon cautions against expectations for immediate answers in the SMU geophysicists' study of Reno-Azle earthquakes and gas drilling. Link to story.


  • Michael Polcyn co-authors an article. (2014, January 8). Skin pigmentation provides evidence of convergent melanism in extinct marine reptiles. NatureLink to related story.




  • Curator of earth sciences at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and adjunct associate professor at Southern Methodist University, Tony Fiorillo, discusses Dallas' star Perot dinosaur in movie “Walking With Dinosaurs." Link to story.



  • Dr. James E. Quick discusses fossil supervolcano highlighted in new UNESCO geopark. Link to story.


  • Michael Polcyn discusses the use of three-dimensional printing for fossils still trapped in medium. Link to story.



  • Maria Richards, SMU researcher touts geothermal energy potential of Eagle Ford wells. Link to story.