Anthropology Department Directory


Carolyn Smith-Morris

Associate Professor and Director of Health and Society Program

Ph.D. 2001 University of Arizona
Heroy Hall 415

  • Medical anthropology
  • Chronic disease, especially diabetes and diseases of development
  • Native Americans
  • Mexican Migrants
  • U.S.
  • Mexico

Recent Happenings

In the Fall of 2013, Dr. Smith-Morris was an invited speaker for both the End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas, and for the Society for Transplant Social Workers. She spoke on her work in diabetes and transplant among immigrants to the US, addressing questions of distributive justice, patient autonomy, and cultural assumptions that may help, or hinder, ethical care.

Courses Taught

ANTH 2301 - Introductory Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3301 - Health, Healing and Ethics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Sickness and Society(co-listed with CFB 3301 and SOCI 3301)
ANTH 3306 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3348 - Health as a Human Right (co-listed with CFB 3348 and HRTS 3348)
ANTH 3350 - Good Eats and Forbidden Flesh: Culture, Food and the Global Grocery Market (co-listed with CFA 3350)
ANTH 4303/6303 - Political Economy of Health
ANTH 4307/6307 - Global and Public Health
ANTH 4343/6343 - Biomedicine, Culture, and Power
ANTH 5335 - History of Anthropology, Part 2
ANTH 5336 - Health in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 6312 - Contemporary Theory in Anthropology
ANTH 6316 - Advanced Seminar in Ethnology I: Chronicity and the Anthropology of Illness

Selected Publications

2014 Choudhury, Devasmita, Gerald Casenave, Fabrice Jotterand, Carolyn Smith-Morris. "Independent Donor Ethical Assessment (IDEA): An Aim Towards Standardized Donor Advocacy". Progress in Transplantation 24(2): 163-168. [PDF]

2014 Smith-Morris, Carolyn, Gilberto Lopez, Lisa Ottomanelli, Lance Goetz, and Kim Dixon-Lawson. "Ethnography and Fidelity to Evidence-Based Medicine: Supplementing the Fidelity Process in a Clinical Trial of Supported Employment with Ethnographic Data". Medical Anthropology Quarterly 28(2): 141-161. [PDF]

2014 Smith-Morris, Carolyn and Jenny Epstein. "Beyond Cultural Competency: Skill, Reflexivity, and Structure in Successful Tribal Health Care". In Special Issue Cultural Capital and Health in Native American Communities, Jennie Joe and Robert Young (Eds.). American Indian Culture & Research Journal 38(1): 29-48. [PDF]

2013 Smith-Morris, Carolyn, Gilberto Lopez, Lisa Ottomanelli, and Lance Goetz. "Continuity and Change After Spinal Cord Injury: Yesterdays, Work, and Veterans' Narratives of Physicality". In Framing Disability and Quality of Life: A Global Perspective, Narelle Warren and Lenore Manderson (Eds.) Springer Publishing, Pp. 145-162. [PDF]

2012 Smith-Morris, Carolyn, Daisy Morales-Campos, Edith Alejandra Castaneda Alvarez, and Matthew Turner. "An Anthropology of Familismo: On Narratives and Description of Mexican/Immigrants". Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 35(1): 33-58. [PDF]

2010 Smith-Morris, Carolyn and Lenore Manderson. "The Baggage of Health Travelers", Medical Anthropology 29(4): 331-335. [PDF]

2010 Manderson, Lenore and Carolyn Smith-Morris (Eds.). Chronic Conditions, Fluid States: Chronicity and the Anthropology of Illness. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

2010 Smith-Morris, Carolyn. "The Chronicity of Life, The Acuteness of Diagnosis". In Chronic Conditions, Fluid States. Lenore Manderson and Carolyn Smith-Morris (Eds.). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Pp. 21-37.

2008 Smith-Morris, Carolyn. "Social Capital in a Mexican American Community in Dallas, Texas". Urban Anthropology 36(4): 1-32.