Anthropology Department Directory


Matthew Boulanger


PhD, 2015 University of Missouri
Heroy Hall 406

Research Interests

  • Paleoindian period
  • Contact period
  • Eastern North America
  • Pleistocene extinctions
  • Archaeometry
  • Landscape ecology
  • Evolutionary theory

Courses Taught

ANTH 3304 - North American Archaeology
ANTH 3334 - Fantastic Archaeology and Pseudoscience

Selected Recent Publications, Book Chapters, and Journal Articles

O'Brien, M.J., Boulanger, M.T., Buchanan, B., Bentley, R.A., Lyman, R.L., Lipo, C.P., Madsen, M.E., and Eren, M.I. Design space and cultural transmission: Case studies from Paleoindian eastern North America. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. In Press.

Eren, M.I., Chao, A., Chiu, C.-H., Colwell, R.K., Buchanan, B., Boulanger, M.T., Darwent, J., and O'Brien, M.J. Statistical analysis of paradigmatic class richness supports greater Paleoindian projectile-point diversity in the Southeast. American Antiquity. In Press.

Boulanger, M.T. and Hill, D.V. "Petrographic analysis of Contact Period Native American pottery from Fort Hill (27CH85), Hinsdale, New Hampshire, USA." Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. In Press.

Boulanger, M.T., "Recycling data: Working with published and unpublished ceramic-compositional data." In: The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis, Hunt, A. (ed.). Oxford University Press: Oxford, In Press.

O'Brien, M.J., Buchanan, B., Boulanger, M.T., Mesoudi, A., Collard, M., Bentley, R.A., and Lyman, R.L. "Transmission of cultural variants in the North American Paleolithic." In: Learning Strategies and Cultural Evolution during the Paleolithic, Aoki, K. and Mesoudi, A. (eds.). Springer: New York, In Press.

Buchanan, B., Eren, M.I., Boulanger, M.T., and O'Brien, M.J. "Size, shape, scars, and spatial patterning: A quantitative assessment of late Pleistocene (Clovis) point resharpening." Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 3: 11-21, 2015.

Eren, M.I., Boulanger, M.T., and O'Brien, M.J. "The Cinmar discovery and the proposed pre-Late Glacial Maximum occupation of North America." Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2: 708-713, 2015.

Boulanger, M.T., Latanzi, G.D., Parris, D.C., O'Brien, M.J., and Lyman, R.L. "AMS radiocarbon dates for Pleistocene fauna from the American Northeast." Radiocarbon, 57(1): 189-192, 2015.

Boulanger, M.T. and Eren, M.I. "On the inferred age and origin of lithic bi-points from the Eastern Seaboard and their relevance to the Pleistocene peopling of North America." American Antiquity, 80(1): 134-145, 2015.

Boulanger, M.T., Buchanan, B., O'Brien, M.J., Redmond, B.G., Glascock, M.D., and Eren, M.I. "Neutron activation analysis of 12,900-year-old stone artifacts confirms 450-510+ km Clovis tool-stone acquisition at Paleo Crossing (33ME274), northeast Ohio, U.S.A." Journal of Archaeological Science, 53: 550-558, 2015.

Boulanger, M.T. and Glascock, M.D. "Elemental variation in prehistoric Unionoida shell: implications for ceramic provenance." Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 1(1): 2-7, 2015.