John Phinney

Adjunct Professor

M.A. Anthropology University of Nebraska
Heroy Hall 129

Director of ISEM (Institute for the Study of Earth and Man) Library
Psychological Anthropology

Courses Taught:

ANTH 3303: Psychological Anthropology - Examines the interplay of culture and personality in various Western and non-Western societies. Perception, cognition, dreams, altered states of consciousness, and psychological terrorism are analyzed in cross-cultural perspectives. Meets Human Diversity Co-requirement.Spring 2012

ANTH 3353: Indians of North America - A survey of American Indian and Eskimo life, past and present, with emphasis on the interaction of Indians and Whites since 1492 and contemporary American Indian problems and enterprises - reservation and urban life, gambling, health care, and legal rights. Meets Human Diversity Co-requirementFall 2012